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They Will Prove Everyone Wrong: Shanaya Kapoor’s Mom On Her Bond With Suhana & Ananya

They Will Prove Everyone Wrong: Shanaya Kapoor’s Mom On Her Bond With Suhana & Ananya

In the entertainment industry, friendships are often thought to be transient–the one-project wonders that fizzle away sooner or later. In fact, those who have watched The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives must have seen how there is obvious tension among the B-Town first ladies who have been touted as close and tight all this while. However, seems like something good has come out of whatever little friendship that these ladies share i.e. a camaraderie that actually goes beyond the showbiz shenanigans. Yes, we are, of course, talking about the unconditional bond shared by Ananya Pandey, Shanaya Kapoor, and Suhana Kapoor.

Shanaya’s mom Maheep Kapoor talked about the same in a recent interview with an entertainment platform. During the conversation, she talked about how Ananya, Shanaya and Suhana’s bond is an answer to anyone who has ever called B-Town friendships fake or fickle. “These girls will prove them wrong, they’re too tight,” she said. 


Maheep further talked about how the girl gang has actually been an example for everyone around them all this while and there hasn’t been a single moment when they didn’t have each other’s back. She added, “I mean literally, we gave birth to them, and they’ve been glued to each other. They are such close friends. It would be amazing to see the three of them on screen. I love them, I love the way they are with each other. They have each other’s back.”

Well, while Ananya has already found her space in the industry and now, Shanaya is all set for her debut. Meanwhile, there hasn’t been any confirmation on Suhana’s end whether she is going to follow her besties to the showbiz or not. One can not help but wonder if the changing dynamics might have an impact on the girl gang and their unyielding bond. That said, if we were to believe Maheep, then things are only going to get better for the three no matter where they go in life. 


As she shares, “Because they’ve grown up in the industry, they understand a lot of things. This is their bonding now. Shanaya’s definitely talking to Ananya, getting pointers. Suhana, who’s amazing with makeup. They’re always exchanging ideas and thoughts. They have a great relationship, and I hope it always remains because they’ve literally been together since they’ve been born.”

Well, amen to that! Here’s hoping that nothing ever breaks this beautiful bond. 
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10 May 2021

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