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Shanaya Kapoor’s Monokini Photoshoot Screams High-Octane Glamm & We Are Here For It

Shanaya Kapoor’s Monokini Photoshoot Screams High-Octane Glamm & We Are Here For It

Amid her grand debut preparations and all the internet trolling that has followed, currently, a lot is at stake for Shanaya Kapoor. After all, it is not every day that you get launched in the Hindi film industry by Karan Johar, right? Well, seems like the starlet is shouldering the responsibility pretty well and is determined to bring her A-game forward. Case in point? Her latest photoshoot that is is giving us some high-octane glamm vibes. 

Shanaya recently took to Instagram to share pictures in a striking monokini and trench coat outfit. Well, it did not take too long for the black and white pictures to go viral and they are currently trending on social media. “Can’t explain, but I’ll find a song that can” Shanaya captioned the post. Well, guess what? Unlike Shanaya, we CAN actually explain the uber glamm look. Here is a lowdown for you all. 


Shanaya’s Glam Take On The Humble Monokini



Since the 50s, the swimsuit has had its own meaning in Bollywood. From being labeled as vulgar to risque, the garment has seen its share of good and bad days. However, in the past couple of decades, the shock factor associated with swimsuits has significantly fizzled out. However, so has the entire, high-glamm vibe that it used to evoke for the Indian fandom long back. Now, while in the West, the swimsuit might have regained its crown all thanks to the Kardashian phenomenon, in India we are yet to get there. And we feel, it’s safe to say that Shanaya can easily be listed among the forerunners of the movement. 

She has chosen a solid black, stringy monokini for her photoshoot. Now, there are two ways of donning a swimsuit: wearing it like you are on a beach and wearing it for the gram! No brownie points for guessing that Shanaya is currently siding with the latter and we aren’t complaining given the entire pandemic situation in India.


In the photoshoot, she brought together two of the most iconic fashion separates i.e. a monokini and a trenchcoat. We love how the solid black monokini has been elevated with the Houndstooth Kofi coat. This is a look especially for the days when you want an internet-breaking look or want to make a grand entry. In any case, this look is the one to emulate. 

We specifically love how the look has been kept fuss-free sans any accessories or additional frills. From the neat lines of her structured coat to Shanaya’s standout collarbones, the impact can be felt. The message is simple: Hey, I am here to stay! The amalgamation of the sensuality of her swimsuit and the power of her trench is rather heady. Shanaya’s stylist Sheefa Gilani deserves her share of accolades here.


Now while the black and white effect might have been a part of the entire timeless vibe, we really wish that we had an unedited picture. I mean just imagine, Shanaya in this monokini, a trench, and a flaming, red pout! If only we could see some untouched pictures from this photoshoot.  

Rest assured, we are here for the high glamm vibe and totally stan this diva!


Featured Image: Instagram 

07 Apr 2021
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