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What’s Up With #ShaRa? Shamita Shetty Breaks The Silence On Breakup Rumours With Raqesh Bapat

What’s Up With #ShaRa? Shamita Shetty Breaks The Silence On Breakup Rumours With Raqesh Bapat

If we were asked to name our favourite Bigg Boss couples, Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat would surely make it to the list. Last year, the two actors met in the Bigg Boss OTT house and sparks flew right away. While the lovebirds had their ups and downs in the house, they managed to stick together till the end (#ShaRa for life!). 

A while ago, the telly town grapevine was buzzing with the reports of Shamita and Raqesh’s breakup and we were left worried about the two. Several social media handles and leading dailies reported that the couple called off their relationship as they were having too many arguments. 

Finally, Shamita cleared the air on these speculations and assured her fans that all is well between the couple. In a recent interview, the Cash star shared, “My entire relationship has been out there because we were on a public platform for quite some time. We did create a certain amount of fan following, and our fans love to see us together. But yes, it’s tough. It puts a lot of pressure on two people in a relationship because you feel like you are constantly explaining yourself. There’s a lot of judgment and trolling that the families have to go through, unfortunately.”

Shamita added she and Raqesh try not to get affected by things being written about their relationship. The actress shared, “We (Raqesh and I) have consciously made an effort to not let these things effect us too much. A relationship is about two people only. It can’t be about the rest of the world and what they think about you. Luckily, we both are very secure people ..so it doesn’t affect us.”

NGL, we are happy to see that Shamita and Raqesh have found a way to not let rumours affect their love for each other. Everything is well in the #ShaRa paradise and we hope to see some cute videos of these two soon. 

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30 May 2022

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