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Shah Rukh Khan’s Speech At The World Economic Forum Made Us His Fans Again!

Shah Rukh Khan’s Speech At The World Economic Forum Made Us His Fans Again!

There are hundreds of things that we admire about Shah Rukh Khan: His honesty, his wit, his determination. The Badshah of Bollywood has made it to the top with sheer hardwork and his achievements give us hope. But the Samaritan inspires us more with his efforts to make this world a better place. 

The actor has been felicitated with an award at the World Economic Forum in Davos for his work in raising awareness about human rights issues through his non-profit organisation — Meer Foundation. His name was amongst the likes of Elton John and Cate Blanchett, both masters of their own world, and he admitted that he was honoured and touched to be chosen along with them.

Named after his late father, Meer Foundation supports women who are victims of acid attacks. In his speech at the event, he said that it is one of the crudest acts to do to a woman, or any other human being. In addition to the cause of women, SRK has also created specialised hospitals for kids undergoing cancer treatments.  

In his speech, he thanked his mother, daughter, and wife for inspiring him and teaching him that it is always a good idea to seek a woman’s opinion instead of forcing one on her. 

“Actors are renowned narcissists. No matter how much we pretend not to believe in external beauty, we tend to be obsessed by it one way or the other. And perhaps being surrounded by this obsession of beauty, a few years ago I came across a lady who had been brutalised by an acid attack. It kind of changed my life or my perspective of it, at least,” SRK talks about where the idea of Meer Foundation stems from. 

He spoke about AbRam and how the five-year-old teaches him little things in life that matter. “I was babysitting my five-year-old son before I came here today and suddenly he screamed, “Papa, papa my eye went into my hair. Can you get my eye out of my hair?” He didn’t say get my hair out of my eye, like we all believe we do. And it is a bit like that when you have power, you think things get in its way but it is actually power that is getting in the way,” he said during his speech.

Well, now we have a 52-year-old being inspired by a five-year-old. This just goes to show that inspiration is everywhere guys, he is just wise enough to pick it wherever he can.

Finally, he also added this picture of him doing the signature SRK pose when he reached Davos, Switzerland. We do love his dramatic side, don’t we?

Here’s to you, Mr Khan. Congratulations on the global recognition!

23 Jan 2018

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