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Bestie Ki Shaadi? These 12 Products Will Make For The Perfect #GiftOfGlamm!

Bestie Ki Shaadi? These 12 Products Will Make For The Perfect #GiftOfGlamm!

As excited as you must be about your bestie’s upcoming shaadi, we know that there’s something that lies heavy on your head right now: the idea of finding the perfect wedding gift for her. I mean gifting gold and money envelopes is of course passé and given that you just helped her curate the chicest wedding trousseau ever, fashion gifts are also out of question. Well, fret not for we are here to steer your boat in the direction that we claim certain expertise in i.e. beauty and makeup products! 

I mean we’d start with the idea that there exists no such thing as too much makeup. But then again we are pretty sure that you must be well-versed with the whys and hows of it in case you happen to have a beauty enthusiast best friend. Of course, the same goes for skincare products. Well, you get the drift and now that we have made a point for beauty oriented wedding gifts for your BFF, here’s our curation of the best gifting kits that you can lay your hands on right now:

Gift Of Glamm For Megastars

Isn’t your bestie the biggest, brightest star out there? We know she is! And we have nothing less than the most glamm beauty kit in the town for your megastar. A curation of the best of MyGlamm products, this kit is everything beauty dreams are made of. Get one for your bride-to-be bestie and see it for yourself! 

Glow Skincare Everyday Essentials Kit

Got a skincare enthusiast bestie? We know exactly what she needs! Powered by a rosehip oil vitamin elixir, the MyGlamm GLOW Iridescent Brightening Skincare Range has been designed to enhance your skin’s natural radiance and this kit has been specially curated to help you with a head to toe glow. Seriously! 


Manish Malhotra Eye Advanced Makeup Kit

Getting your squad’s drama mama married this shaadi season? We recommend the Manish Malhotra Beauty Eye Advanced Makeup Kit for some serious haute couture vibes, just the kind that she likes? Here you go:

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Cleansing Ritual

Ace makeup brand, Charlotte Tilbury is finally available in India and there wouldn’t be any gift as prized as some of their goodies for your makeup enthusiast friend. From their world-famous lipsticks to luxury eye palettes there would be nothing that your BFF won’t appreciate. However, it’s the Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Cleansing Ritual that we really recommend here:

Perenne Daily Essentials Kit

Well, weddings for brides translates to crazy schedules, weird eating routines, and, of course, endless makeup. Needless to say, all of this wreaks havoc on the skin and thus, your bestie can always use some heavy-duty moisturisation to make up for all the skin damage. Perenne’s Daily Essential Kit would perfectly fit the bill in that regard and would make both your BFF and her skin really really happy:

Auric Festive Trousseau Box

Torn between makeup and skincare? How about we help you with a kit that contains both? Auric’s Festive Trousseau Box contains everything that your BFF would need for a quick post-wedding glow-up.


Nourish Mantra Mask Mini Trio

Have spent some of the most epic days of your life just chilling and masking at home with your bestie? We have a gift to celebrate just that. Not only will Nourish Mantra’s mask mini trio nourish your bestie’s skin but would also remind her of all the epic times that you too have had together every time she uses them. Win-win, right?

Forest Essentials Decadent Spa Collection

Give your bestie the gift of indulgence at-home pampering with Forest Essentials’ Decadent Spa Collection. From the ayurvedic goodness of Forest Essential products to the chic pouch that they come packed in, everything about this kit suggests decadence. Rest assured, this is a foolproof gift that will never fail to impress:

The Moisture Collective

Been seeing your bestie having bad hair day meltdowns since forever now? Well, we might have something that’ll make you her hero (way higher in the hierarchy than her brand new husband)! Now, that’s some claim, right? Well, no worries for The Earth Collective’s The Moisture Collective is sure to deliver! 

Forever 21 Makeup Bag

Think your bride-to-be bestie already has all the makeup and skincare that she’ll ever need? How about you take care of her makeup storage woes? Rest assured, this iridescent makeup bag by Forever 21 would accompany her wherever she goes, honeymoon included. 


Dafni Go Straightening Ceramic Brush

Here is a gift idea that your BFF would prize as much as unlimited makeup: the Dafni Go Straightening Ceramic Brush! This is a star product and this is a star gift idea, and your bestie is sure to think about you every time she has a good hair day, which is basically going to be every single day given this stellar product! 


The Gift Of Forever: Some Premium Platinum Jewels

Might we suggest the gift of forever for your bestie in case you seek nothing but the best gift for her? Set in rare platinum, the latest collection by Platinum Evara is reflective of how one continues to evolve with every choice they make and would be an amazing gift to celebrate your bestie for all that she is. 


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Didn’t we just solve your biggest dilemma? Get your bestie one of these gifts and thank us later! 

Featured Image: MyGlamm

07 Dec 2020

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