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10 Hot ‘Role Play’ Games You Should Try With *Him* Tonight!!

10 Hot ‘Role Play’ Games You Should Try With *Him* Tonight!!

Role playing is the best way to spice things up in the bedroom. You can be anyone you want to be and at the same time fulfill all of your hidden fantasies. We’ve already given you ideas for role playing, it’s now time to kick it up a notch and combine role playing with games. We’ve taken some of the usual bedroom games and spiced them up to fit your role play ideas. Here are 10 role play games you can try out with your boyfriend!

1. Time Bomb

Keep a timer next to you and a couple of personality styles in mind. Set the alarm for every ten minutes and both of you have to change your personality every time the alarm rings. You can dirty talk in different styles, touch each other or try different kissing styles. This game is perfect for the foreplay period!

1 role play games - tick tock

2. Spot The ‘X’

Now, this one’s simple. If you just want to add some fun in the bedroom while at the same time playing a shy girlfriend, this game is the one for you. Think of a spot on your body where you really want him to kiss you but don’t tell him. He gets three turns to kiss any body part of yours and see if he gets it right! This way you don’t really tell him anything but you get tons of kisses anyway!


3. Blindfold Fun

This one’s for when you feel like playing the dominating girl in bed. Take his necktie or your scarf and blindfold him so he can’t see anything. Now go ahead and take control of the situation. Undress him, do whatever you like and, of course, what he enjoys too! This is best to do while your partner is blindfolded as it will give you time to really get into character without feeling shy.

3 role play games - blindfold in bed

4. Dice Roll

Want to be a fortune teller for the night? Take two dice and decide six sexy activities to do for one and six body parts where those activities will be performed for the other. Now whisper, ‘Roll the dice and I will predict what you get tonight!’ to him. Not only will he be surprised when it turns out to be a super hot activity but also love every bit of it!

5. The Naughty Girl’s Guide

If you want to play the coy schoolgirl in her plaid skirt then this is the game for you. You can hand him a hairbrush or thin notebook or just ask him to use his hands. Now tell him about all the things you’ve done wrong through the day. How you forgot a friend’s birthday or didn’t clean your almirah and for all these tiny things, he can lightly spank you. Spanking is quite fun, trust us!


5 role play games - shy girl

6. Scrabble Strip!

Wanna play the sexy librarian? Challenge him to a game of scrabble. Lay out the rules properly. Every time he comes up with a word and scores more points than you, you take off a piece of clothing. Make sure your sexy glasses are the last to go! *wink*

7. The Virgin Diaries

Pretend that one of you is a virgin and the other person has to teach them how it’s all done. You could be on either sides. This way you can teach your man how to do it your way and learn his style as well!

7 role play games - girl eating orange


8. Magical Cards

Time to be the dealer at a casino. Take a deck of cards, give a dirty meaning to every suit. For example, hearts can be kissing, diamonds can be an erotic massage and so on. Now ask your man to pick any five cards without seeing what they are. Let his fate decide the things he will be getting tonight!

9. Truth Or Dare

We know, we know, you’ve heard of this one before but not the way we’re about to tell you. You know the idea of role playing as strangers. Well, add a game of truth and dare to it. Play truth and dare as strangers who know nothing about each other. The best part is that you can answer according to your alter egos and not according to who you are. Isn’t that fun?

9 role play games - sexy expression

10. Guess The Part

No need to play the boring old nurse anymore. You can actually be a fun nurse to your one and only patient. Ask him to close his eyes and then place either his hand on any of your body parts or your body parts against his lips, like your breasts or your finger. Ask him to guess it and every time he gets it right reward him!


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19 Jul 2017

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