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#HeSays: 10 Sex Things Guys Hope Their Girlfriends Want To Try!

#HeSays: 10 Sex Things Guys Hope Their Girlfriends Want To Try!

We are all different individuals, sure, but it’s also true that us guys are pretty simple creatures. And as such, there are some things EVERY guy likes, especially when it comes to sex – and hopes that the girl he loves wants to try them too! Here’s presenting a few sex things guys want to try with their girlfriends… #WishList

1. O is for oral sex

We don’t know how exactly to convey our love for oral sex – just know this, ladies, we really do feel that mouth-on-body makes the world a better place. 😀


2. Top o’ the world

We’re lazy sometimes and can’t imagine anything more fun than having you on top and doing all the work while we just lay back and enjoy ourselves. 😛

3. Just a little role play

If you ever wanted to make our naughty nurse fantasies come true, we’d never say no. And we promise we’d be happy to play the lead in whatever scenario you secretly want to enact. 😉

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4. A hint of bondage

Scarves, handcuffs, ties…there’s no end to the things we could bring to bed to add a little, er, “restraint” to our activities.


5. Some power play too, maybe?

There’s a special kind of thrill to being told “Do as I say”…or knowing that we can say it to you! Whether you take control completely or let us do the same to you – we’re totally game. 😀

6. Missionary made interesting

It’s the best position for us to be able to have control over how exactly we pleasure you, and it’s the most common one too. But there’s no harm in getting creative about it, right? Pillows underneath your butt or your legs braced on our shoulders – let your imagination run wild! 😛

7. And doing it a thousand other ways too

Let’s not forget that variety is the spice of life. So if you’re willing to try it from the back, standing up, sitting down, in the bathtub – whatever floats your boat – just let us know, and we’re totally at your service. 😛

8. You, me and…the great wide world

The possibility of being “caught” while being naughty together adds an altogether different edge to things. So if you ever feel like dragging us off to a secluded corner for a quickie while a party is going on, or risk a little exposure on the terrace, we swear not to hold you back. 😉

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9. A sex marathon

Long weekend, no plans? Why don’t we just plan to lock ourselves into a room together and have sex with each other until we literally cannot move any longer? 😀

10. Bareback bliss

We know, we know. It’s not the wisest idea. But someday, when we’ve both been tested and cleared by a doc, and if you’re on the pill, we’d totally want to chuck the condoms and go completely, uh, natural. Let’s face it – skin-on-skin is just the best thing ever. 😉


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13 Jun 2019

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