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Dating For Long? Your Easy Peasy Guide To Turn Up The Heat In An LTR

Dating For Long? Your Easy Peasy Guide To Turn Up The Heat In An LTR

Let’s face it: after a certain point in a long-term relationship, we don’t really know what’s sex supposed to look like. Just as people age and change over a period of time, so do their sex lives. Even the most loving couples struggle to keep their sex life fresh, loving, and full of fire.

What worked for you when your relationship was new and blooming, may not excite you now. If you have been in a long term relationship and struggling with keeping up to their sex life, let me just start by saying: it’s okay, it’s normal. This is not to say that you don’t have a good sex life. But there’s a lot that you can do to turn up the heat instead of having full, obligatory sex. Study suggests those who exhibit varied sexual behaviours tend to be happier (and more satisfied) in bed. Most sex experts say that the key to happy and healthy sex life is to keep changing the patterns in the bedroom. 

So, if you’re in a passionate long-term relationship and want to spice things up in the bedroom, here are a few sex ‘rules’ you should totally stick to!

Here’s How You Can Fire Up Things In The Bedroom

We don’t mean to sound serious by calling them ‘rules’ but we promise that these will come in handy (whether you decide to follow them or break them!) *wink* Read on to know more!

Talk to your partner


Talking about what you both like and dislike in bed will not only help you have great sex but will also ensure that your relationship remains smooth and steady. Tell your partner from time to time about what you want them to explore or experiment with. Communication is the key when it comes to maintaining relationships and is one very important sex ‘rule’ that you should follow. 

Always make time for a date night

The whole idea of a romantic date night diminishes over time. Make sure you spend time with your partner and organise date night at least once a week. You can talk to them, make out, plan a sexy night or do anything that makes the two of you happy. 

Make time to be sexy…when you’re away from each other!


Since you’re in a long-term relationship, you’d probably see times when you have to be away from each other. Use this time to turn up your sex life. Send nudes, indulge in sexts and include phone sex in your routine. A change is a must for all!

Make a collection of porn that you both like

Watching porn with your partner is an instant turn on. Not only can you indirectly tell them what you like, but can also replicate some of the best moves in bed. Make a list of porn movies that you’d like to watch with your partner on your date night. This will totally amp up your sex life.

Skip indulging in quickies for some time


It is easy to give in to schedule knowing you will always have that one person beside you. Sometimes, in the middle of it all, you tend to indulge in quickies. Quickies are a lot of fun but also end up reducing the levels of excitement in the bedroom over time. Cut out the quickies from your life for a while and make time for long, indulgent sex sessions.

Make a checklist for things you’d like to do

When there’s a list to choose from, you know it’s going to be fun. Take out a day and prepare a sex checklist as a surprise for your partner. Trust us, it’s a great way to bring in some excitement!

Increase time for foreplay


Sometimes, a good foreplay session is more satisfactory than the main event. If you cut out quickies for a while, you will have more time to experiment with foreplay. Get some sex toys, edible items and handcuffs in the picture to make your time more memorable and fun. 

Take our word for it, this time following ‘rules’ will be fun!

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21 Jul 2020

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