6 Questions You Should Ask Your Gynae Before Your Wedding!

  |  May 5, 2016
6 Questions You Should Ask Your Gynae Before Your Wedding!


Congrats!! You are getting married – you must be going mad with the excitement and with lists and with all the tamasha that comes as a package deal with being the bride! But take a moment and breathe and make one very important appointment – to see your gynaec. Seriously. This is a must-do – ideally two months or so before the big day. “Why?” you ask – well, read on!

1. Contraception queries

One of the best things about getting married is getting some and lots and lots of it. That’s the single most important item on your honeymoon checklist, right? But unless you want to come back from your honeymoon as 2+1, you need to speak to your doc about contraception and get on it way before the big day!

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2. Get those tests!

In today’s day and age, both the bride and groom must get basic bloodwork done to rule out any nasty infections, etc. Let’s be realistic, right? Your man is amazing, and we are sure he will not mind going that extra step. Along with bloodwork, ask for an ultrasound as well – just to make sure you are thoroughly covered for medical concerns like PCOD.

3. The Pap Smear

Super-duper important. And while you are there, make sure she does a “well breast” check. Ideally, you should be getting these once a year anyway!

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4. Period woes

There is really no such thing as a happy period. But it especially becomes an issue when yours is due on your wedding day or as as you are about to set off for your honeymoon. This is where planning comes into play. See your doc well in advance, and she can help you plan your cycle with medication so that it does not become a buzzkill! Also, if yours are especially painful, irregular or long, let her know so that she can help you manage them long-term as well.

5. How, where, when?

Sex is all about having fun. Safely. Your doc is the best person for all those questions. The Internet – not so much. Depending on your choice of contraception, we are sure you will have many queries. Does a condom work when you are having sex in a pool / shower? Do you need one while you are going down on him? When can you safely start having sex after the pill… It’s a long list – so sit down and make yours before you see the doc.

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6. “Is that normal?”

Use this appointment to ask her about any “normal or not” questions you might have. We are thinking: smells down there, look and feel down there… Anything really! We want you happy and confident – so ask away…

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