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Move Over Weekends! Here’s Why Sex On Monday Should Be A Part Of Your Weekly Calendar

Move Over Weekends! Here’s Why Sex On Monday Should Be A Part Of Your Weekly Calendar

The prime time for action between the sheets is mostly on weekends given that most people have a lot of free time and lesser things to worry about. And hitting the sheets and having good sex on weekends do make you feel incredible, right? You know why? Because sex causes increased production of oxytocin, which is also known as ‘the love hormone’. So when you have sex, your brain releases oxytocin along with endorphins, the natural pain-killing hormones. And that’s why sex makes you feel happy and stress-free at all times.

So why not make it a part of days other than the weekend. We like what we like. But sometimes routine can get boring. How about you make the most-hated day of the week a little sexier? Think about this way: kickstarting your day with a quickie might make your Monday a little less stressful and a lot more exciting. 

Benefits Of Having Sex On A Monday Morning

Well, there are many other reasons. Here’s why you really need to include Monday sex in your weekly calendar. 

Start your week without any stress


For most of us, the start of the week is the most stressful. We are rushing and are constantly worrying about setting up a schedule for the rest of the week. Sex can help you beat all this stress by making you feel more relaxed throughout the day. Like we said earlier, having sex releases endorphins that will de-stress you and will prepare you for whatever Monday brings onto you.

A break from your regular routine

The pandemic has thrown our schedules all over the place. We wake up to e-mails, task lists every single day. How about we change our work from home situation a bit? Imagine waking up with a kiss which then results in some fun between the sheets. Sounds god, right? 

Burn those calories


All my life, I’ve read articles about the benefits of starting my day with a workout. However, I feel that the pressure of working out in the morning adds on to my daily stress. I don’t enjoy working out. But if that workout will give me pleasure in return, I’d definitely consider it. Sex is a form of workout that can definitely replace your boring workout routine and give you the same (or more) happiness throughout the day. A workout doesn’t seem that bad now, does it?

You will look forward to more

It is very important to have things to look forward to, especially during uncertain times like these. It is not easy to do the same thing over and over again without having to wait for something exciting. For me, planning a vacation and actually waiting for it to happen was something that kept me going. But now given the situation, it looks like we all need some short term goals. It is relatively easier to wait for the next session in bed as opposed to waiting for months (or more) to be on a plane to somewhere. 


It will help you sleep better

Having regular sex improves your sleeping patterns and a good sleeping pattern increases your sex drive. See, how it’s all so co-related? Bottom line? Embracing sex on a Monday is a great idea. So, go for it!

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14 Jul 2020

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