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Class Is In Session Cause We’re Taking Beauty Lessons From The Latest Season Of Sex Education

Class Is In Session Cause We’re Taking Beauty Lessons From The Latest Season Of Sex Education

Sex Education Season 3 just came out and it is already the buzz of the season. Have you binged on this Netflix number yet? No!? Girl, you’re majorly missing out. We’re talking drama, we’re talking chemistry, friendship, love, hate, and most importantly – a preview of the hairstyles and makeup looks that are going to be trending soon.

After a month of extravagant events and dreamy red carpet looks, it’s time to make a safe landing home. While the red carpet beauty trends might be a hard act to follow IRL, we’re not short of daily wear hairstyle and makeup looks for you to try. Whether you’ve watched the new season of Sex Education on Netflix or not, here is a roundup of beauty trends we spotted in the show. Hurry up, girls and girlfriends. Class is in session and you’re going to want to take a peek at our beauty notes.

Beauty Notes From Sex Education Season 3

The Rock-Ribbed Runway Approved Fad


This has to be one of our favourite runway-approved beauty trends to be represented in a casual setting. Characters like Eric and Florence can be seen with shimmer-clad lids that are a statement look for sure. Going with dauntlessly bold shades like gold, silver, and white, Eric for one went with a bare face for the rest of his look. We love a brave moment.

A Rebel Statement


A true continuation in all its glory, Maeve Wiley has dark hair now. The cherry on top? Blue tips! Very Kylie Jenner 2014 vibes, and we are here for it. This summer the staple blonde hair trend made a turn and landed on dark hair colours, and this look on Maeve is proof.

Classic Red Lip – Never Out Of Style


Something new and something old. A character from the last show, Aimee, and a new entry Hope, were both spotted constantly rocking the classic red lip look throughout the show. While the true classic red lip moment is still ruled by Cheryl from Riverdale, Hope and Aimee stick to subtler red tones. If you’re looking for something eye-catchy, but not gaudy, this beauty trend is a must-try.

Heat Of The Moment – Insta Glamm


Wispy lashes, cat eyeliner, chiseled cheeks, and a glossy nude lip. No, it’s not a viral selfie on Instagram but a Sex Education character! Ruby in season 3 can be spotted sporting all the glamorous girl essentials with the GenZ preferred middle part hairstyle.

Which beauty trend are you going with?

Featured Images: Instagram

22 Sep 2021

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