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5 Superior Serums That Will Help Combat Every Skin Issue This Monsoon

5 Superior Serums That Will Help Combat Every Skin Issue This Monsoon

We are officially in monsoon territory as the rains have arrived right on time this season. So, what does that mean for our skin? Surely, you’re about to realise that your summer skincare products won’t fare as well in treating skin concerns on a rainy day. It’s time for an upgrade! 

Gradually shift your skincare to combat the effects of high humidity by focusing on one aspect of your routine at a time. And we suggest you begin with the serum step. The right serums can do all the heavy lifting while you train your skin to adapt to this damp weather. This means you will have a seamless transition to monsoon skincare without encountering any skin trouble on the way. So, what are the best skin serums for the rainy season, you ask? Here’s a list for your perusal. Read on!

The 6 Best Skincare Serums For Rainy Days In 2022


C To Your Skincare

There’s no doubt that Vitamin C will help your skin stay healthy come rain or shine. But in the monsoons, it’s great to have it with a side of natural ingredients. This Vit C serum contains ingredients like kakadu plum, lemon, orange peel, kiwi, turmeric, and licorice extract, which make it a nourishing skin cocktail for the rains. It treats concerns like dark spots, acne, fine lines, and pigmentation all while being super hydrating and refreshing. 

Draw In That Moisture

Hyaluronic acid draws moisture from the environment to maintain your skin’s hydration levels. And, that’s why this hyaluronic acid serum is perfect for the humid climate. It will keep your skin hydrated without being greasy. An underrated fact of this skin serum is that it also has incredible wound healing abilities which really works in treating skin during and post breakouts. So whether your skin is oily or acne-prone, this hyaluronic acid serum will have your skin plump and glowing sans the acne and oiliness.

All The Tea

For some serious acne fighting action, trust in this tea tree infused serum to relieve you. Anyone experiencing loads of acne needs this one in their beauty drawer. It seriously clarifies the skin and offers a cooling sensation that makes your pores feel squeaky clean. It has a soothing effect on acne and also repairs damaged skin. The formula is lightweight and makes skin feel smooth and soft.

Face Value

If blackheads are a serious concern, make sure to include this Salicylic acid serum in your monsoon skin routine. This particular formula is gentle yet highly effective. It exfoliates the skin without drying it out thanks to its hyaluronic acid content. Salicylic acid is also extremely good for oily skin types as it regulates sebum production and leaves your skin shine-free.

Supple Sensation

Any of you struggling with acne prone, combination skin? Try this niacinamide serum and thank us later! It perfectly balances pH levels of both dry and oily areas and also has a soothing effect on acne. Even sensitive skin types can give this one a go as it is super gentle and hydrating. You will notice an improvement in pore size and uneven skin tone as well with this baby.

With these serums by your side, monsoon skin woes will be a thing of the past. Stock up on them now before they sell out.

Featured Images: Pexels

22 Jun 2022

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