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Serena’s Fashion Fail (You Read That Right) In This Viral Clip From Gossip Girl Is So ‘Us’

Serena’s Fashion Fail (You Read That Right) In This Viral Clip From Gossip Girl Is So ‘Us’

If you are on this article, it’s safe for me to assume that just like me you also preach Gossip Girl and that headline made you say “WHAT”! How can Serena Van Der Woodsen have a fashion fail–you must be thinking. One of the most stylish Upper East Sider, the irreplaceable ‘It’ girl of Manhattan, that Serena? Well, yeah!

The show’s costume designer Eric Daman has done one helluva job dressing up the elites of Manhattan in luxurious drapes. Over a decade ago, Blair Waldorf set the trend of headbands which spread like wildfire. From the steps of The Met to 2020, they have come a long, fashionable way. And remember Serena’s gold Cotillion gown? Now you know who designed that iconic piece of finesse.

But looks like he missed something in one of the looks (or did the director?) and it’s finally catching up now that people are homebound with nothing better to do, courtesy the lockdown. Apparently, a TikTok user during one of her re-runs of the drama series spotted a major fashion fail in Season 6, Episode 4 – Portrait of a Lady Alexander. And the mishap was in one of Serena’s outfits from the episode.

It’s the scene where Georgina sets up for Dan to meet a date at a restaurant and Serena barges in to speak with Dan. She’s wearing a lovely coral bodycon dress by Roland Mouret with a pair of printed peep toes.

Now, usually, people wear shapewear under their bodycons but not Serena. If you look closely at the viral clip, you’ll notice Serena wearing sweatpants under the dress. Yup, freaking sweatpants! You can even see the drawstring of the charcoal grey sweats! For some reason, they’re only pulled over till the hem of the dress. Don’t believe me? Check out the video here!

Spotted: Serena with a scandalous fashion faux pas at the heart of Manhattan and her reputation–a public restaurant. But instead of her underpants, everybody saw her under the pants action. And when you live on the Upper East Side, you know what’s worse. Poor S!

Scene 1 – Bare Legs


Scene 2 – Sweats!


LMAO! No wonder the video has 7.3 million views already! Even though it’s only for 2-3 seconds on screen, you cannot unsee it now or ever. Does this mean all these years of seamlessly loving SVDW’s style was all just a sweat(pants)? Nah, we still love her! Maybe she was feeling cold between takes and the crew thought the sweats won’t be visible in the shot. We have all been there, haven’t we? Just not on national television. But, hey, that’s just Serena being Serena *wink wink*. Let’s see what new scandals the reboot of Gossip Girl will blast. XOXO

08 May 2020

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