Beauty Products That Will Instantly Calm Your Inflamed & Sensitive Skin

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Nov 10, 2021
Beauty Products That Will Instantly Calm Your Inflamed & Sensitive Skin


Ever felt helpless when your skin acts up? We feel you. The stress and discomfort you get when your skin is sensitised cannot be ignored and is really a problem in your day-to-today life. Sensitive skin will react to certain skincare products and that’s why testing out products on a whim is not an option at all. Even if you have a skincare routine in place that agrees with your skin type, sometimes you need a quick-fix solution to soothe your skin when all else fails. Here’s a list of our favourite go-to products for sensitive and problematic skin.

Best Products For Sensitive Skin Available In India

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Hydration Max

This aloe vera gel based moisturiser infused with amla which is a great source of vitamin C is the perfect choice for sensitised skin that needs a boost of skin-friendly antioxidant action. It thoroughly hydrates skin and retains skin’s ideal pH levels so that your skin is comfortable and moisturised all day long. The soothing ingredients also help calm inflammation instantly.

The Easy Choice

A trusted product for sensitive skin, this face wash by Cetaphil has a massive fan following because it has a perfectly balanced formula that cleanses skin without causing irritation. Dermatologists recommend it and so does anyone with sensitive skin who has tried it on themselves.

Nature’s Fix

Aloe vera is a go-to ingredient for any type of skin trouble be it sunburn or breakouts or just dry skin. This tocopherol aloe vera gel by Bare Anatomy is absolutely non-sticky and a must-have jar of healing ointment to have on hand when you don’t know what to do with your inflamed skin. It also works as a primer that builds a strong skin barrier so that base makeup products like foundation don’t trouble your skin.

Misty Fresh

Put aside skin toners and welcome this rose water face and body mist by Kama Ayurveda to your beauty routine. It is a truly calming formula that balances your skin’s pH and keeps acne and dryness away. It also regulates sebum production and can be used any time of the day.

For Skin Repair 

If you are just recovering from a stressful breakout and your skin looks bumpy and wounded, try this hyaluronic acid sheet mask by Innisfree. Hyaluronic acid not only retains skin’s moisture levels but also works incredibly well to heal wounds. This sheet mask is pure and hydrating and will soothe your problematic skin quickly.

Bedtime Beau 

Specifically formulated for sensitive skin, this night care serum is so lightweight and soothing you won’t even feel like you’re wearing anything on your skin. It instantly cools and calms inflammation and gets absorbed by the skin before you can say the word moisturiser.

Balmy Treat

When you choose a makeup remover for problematic skin you have to rule out formulas like micellar water. This skin-soothing makeup remover balm is the perfect solution to removing makeup from your face without causing sensitivity or stripping excess moisture from your skin. This cleansing balm also heals your skin making it the right pick.

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