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Lash Out: Selena Gomez’s Mascara Hack Gives Your Eyes A Next-Level Flutter

Lash Out: Selena Gomez’s Mascara Hack Gives Your Eyes A Next-Level Flutter

Can’t keep my hands to myself—because I’ve been texting everyone I know with some news. Selena Gomez just let us in on a next-level hack for the lashes, and it’s so handy. The singer-cum-actress took to the internet to share with her followers a ‘simple quick look’ last month, and everyone picked up on it so quickly—and we’re grateful because we wouldn’t have fathomed pulling off a trick like that.

Selena Gomez Debuts A Never-Seen-Before Mascara Hack Using This Tool

Tweezers, You Say?

When it’s time to apply mascara, Selena starts coating her upper-lashes the usual way. It’s the technique employed for the lower-lashes that had us mind-blown. She reaches out for a mascara, and then, a tweezer. She coats the insides of the tweezer in the formula before clamping down on each lash with it. She goes on to do this for every lash. This individual layering makes her lashes look darker, thicker and clump-free. Just make sure you’re performing the hack carefully because tweezers are sharp, and can hurt your eye when not used correctly.

The Best Mascaras To Perform This Hack With

This curl-inducing, volume-adding formula is one of a kind—and we’re not just talking about the fact that it’s smudge-proof, water-proof, and transfer-resistant. It’s built with a brush that’s adjustable—this means that you can, literally, twist it around for it to fit your eye-shape.

A cruelty-free product, this creamy-textured mascara is perfect for those who have sensitive eyes thanks to its composition of feel-good ingredients that soften the lashes. It’s dark, classic, and chic, and mimics the appearance of falsies flawlessly.

This is where skincare meets makeup. Infused with Vitamin B to condition and strengthen the lashes, this product is equipped with a dense, oversized brush that coats every one of your lashes in mascara until they’re dripping in black. Looking for a cruelty-free and vegan product? You’ve found it.

There’s a reason why this is one of the most coveted mascaras at the moment, and it’s because it, literally, lives up to its name. This purse-sized, collagen-fueled product, equipped with an hour-glass shaped brush, doesn’t just lengthen, curl, and thicken in three coats. It’s enriched with film-forming polymers that prevent smudging; unique peptides to condition the lashes; and Acacia Senegal Tree Extract to nourish, thicken and lock the curl in place.

Bring paradise to your lashes with this mascara. Crafted with more than 200 bristles, the product’s brush promises to grab onto every lash, and distribute pigment all across evenly and generously for a luscious and voluptuous full-lash fringe. It’s also enriched with cornflower extract, rose oil and castor oil to condition and nourish them thoroughly.

Which one are you adding to your cart?

Featured Image: Instagram

10 Jun 2022

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