Don’t Touch That Pimple! 5 Scary Things That Happen When You Pop Your Zits

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Sep 9, 2020
Don’t Touch That Pimple! 5 Scary Things That Happen When You Pop Your Zits


The moment we spot a pimple on our face, our first instinct is to pop it! Popping that zit not only gives one some level of satisfaction but also tricks us into thinking that we’ve solved the problem. The question is – have we really solved the problem? Not really.

To treat the zit, you must understand the zit. Sounds deep, right. Well, it is!

Let’s take you back to acne school for a hot minute, shall we? Pimples are born when the pore gets clogged with sebum, dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria. Many a time, we pick at a zit, only to regret our actions later.

5 Scary Things That Happen When You Pop Your Zits

Read this before you pop the zit!

Not All The Gunk Comes Out

The white stuff that comes out from the pimple is actually pus. It contains dead white blood cells and if you don’t manage to remove it all, some of it gets left behind. If the pus does not get drained properly, the pimple can become red, swollen and inflamed. Remember, an open pore is a free pass for bacteria to come in. Hence it’s best to leave that pimple alone.

New Pimples Are Born

woman popping the zit


When popping a pimple, many of us don’t use clean and sanitised fingers. Dirty fingers can transfer dirt and bacteria and dirt on the fingertips to the clean pores. Hence it is important to wash your hands before touching your skin. The second solution would be even better – don’t touch your face at all!

Popping The Zit Makes It Worse

You aren’t just popping the zit. You are scratching it, poking it, squeezing it, pressing it and all those actions have the word ‘disaster’ labelled on them. They will surely cause inflammation and the pimple to appear more noticeable. It’s better to let the aesthetician take a look at it and treat it. 

The Scarring Is Here To Stay

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One of the main reasons why people tell you to not pop the zit is because of scarring. Pimples leave behind scars after popping them. Sometimes, they can take months or even a few years for the pimple scars to fade away. You then have to rely on spot treatments and expensive facials to get rid of pimple scars. The best solution is to wait it out and let the pimple disappear on its own. 

Heard Of ‘Pitting’?

It takes less than a minute to pop the zit, but almost a lifetime for your skin to heal the depressed scars. Damaged skin causes a loss in tissue. Depending on how bad the depressed scar is, even makeup won’t be able to conceal it. To make sure that your skin is free from makeup residue, invest in a good cleanser. 

Whatever you do, just don’t pop it. Let’s all agree to leave the pimple popping to the experts, aka, your dermatologists!

Until you visit them, you can ice it, put on a pimple patch or even use a spot treatment cream. If you don’t have either of these, just avoid touching the pimple and let nature take its course. 

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