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#BeautyAlert: Now You’ll Soon Be Able To Shop Makeup Products From Vending Machines!

#BeautyAlert: Now You’ll Soon Be Able To Shop Makeup Products From Vending Machines!

Did you ever imagine that a day would come when we won’t just be buying chocolates, toys and lingerie (yes, India does have a lingerie vending machine) from vending machines, but also our favourite makeup products? Well, COVID-19 has changed our lifestyles in more ways than one. And, from what might be the next big thing, our makeup shopping experience is going to take a new turn. Courtesy: Coronavirus. 

Indian colour cosmetics brand Twenty Beauty has planned on installing over a thousand makeup vending machines, keeping in mind the safety of beauty lovers amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Conceptualised by two sisters, Jyotsna and Santhoshi Reddy, these machines will be a beauty revolution as it will shift trends back from online shopping to physical but contact-less shopping. Genius, right?

P.S: While you’re at it- out and about buying your makeup essentials, do not forget to put your face mask on.

Coming back to the idea of makeup vending machines, this is a first in India. In the company’s press release, Jyotsna stated that it was her dream to “create a Gen Z make-up brand designed to look good on every skin type. We wish to adhere to the beauty trends of the current generation.” These makeup vending machines are expected to get installed at airports, metro stations, and shopping malls.

Imagine how convenient it would be to buy beauty products from a vending machine. You will not only save time by not having to hover at different counters but will also be able to avail the facility of 24×7 purchase via the machine, just like an ATM. It doesn’t end there, a makeup vending machine will also let you choose the products without the worry of them being ‘out of stock’.


While the endeavour sounds quite futuristic, it is for time to tell how it rolls out in our country, given that people are accustomed to online shopping. What do you think, let us know!

Featured Image: Unsplash

13 Jul 2020

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