Bollywood Divas Redefine Saree Draping Ideas For Winters

Vatsala VatsVatsala Vats  |  Dec 1, 2017
Bollywood Divas Redefine Saree Draping Ideas For Winters


Winter weddings are the boon and bane of our social existence. While we love hogging on the warm delicacies and dressing up in the finery, it’s the shivering bones we dread. Anarkalis and shararas do come in handy when you wish to cover up but it’s our beautiful sarees that we have to neglect in the favour of comfort. This winter, however, we pledge to fight the frost with simple hacks that will allow you to wear your timeless saree.

The beauty of the nine-yard lies in its versatility, it’s flattering for everyone and gives you all the freedom to modify it to your needs. So take note from these celebrities who wore their gorgeous sarees without suffering the chills.

1. A contrast coloured jacket? Yes please!


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The primary issue with putting on a jacket over a saree is that you loose all its beautiful detail, and you are left with a clumsy skirt on the bottom. The solution, as exhibited by Kajol is to revamp your saree by adding a contrasting metallic jacket. For your outfit to not look like a long skirt and jacket, take your pallu and drape it over your jacket for a polished look. Belt it for a slimming effect.  
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2. The type of blouse that will make your mom happy


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Your mom is absolutely right when she tells you that a full-sleeve blouse creates an elegant and ladylike effect. Opt for a full sleeves blouse that will keep you warm and stylish. An added bonus? No calls from your mom worrying about you feeling cold, so you can dance the night away.

3.  Cover up with a shawl

We love how Sridevi has added an ornate velvet shawl with her saree. Always choose shawl colours that have a darker hue than your saree to create an interesting contrast in your outfit. This is officially the easiest way to keep the chills away. The elegant style of carrying the shawl also allows for it to look like a part of the outfit as opposed to an unavoidable add-on.  

4. Cape to the rescue!

Add a bohemian touch to your saree by pairing it with a cape. You will get full points for making your saree stylish while successfully managing to keep those shivers away.