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Sara Ali Khan Gets Candid About Dealing With Criticism & How It Affects Her Mental Health

Sara Ali Khan Gets Candid About Dealing With Criticism & How It Affects Her Mental Health

Sara Ali Khan is currently enjoying the success of Atrangi Re and thanking her fans for all the love they’re showering on her. The actress did a fantastic job in the movie and that not only impressed us but also surprised several audiences. Her previous film, Love Aaj Kal 2, was criticised by the viewers as they found her overdramatic in it. While netizens also trolled her for the movie, she did not let the negativity get to her. She focussed on her work and now, her performance is speaking for itself.

Interestingly, Sara has always been someone who doesn’t let criticism pull her down. In fact, she has enjoyed it as it has helped her improve and grow in life. While talking to a leading daily recently, she revealed how she deals with constructive and non-constructive criticism.


During the interview, the actress said that while she values success, it is failure that teaches her important lessons in life. “Ever since I was a child, I’ve really enjoyed criticism. Of course, I enjoy appreciation also but I’ve realised early in my life that more than the happiness that successes give you, the learnings that failures give you teach you far more in life,” she said.

Sara said that she takes feedback quite seriously and work upon them to make sure that her fans are happy with her. “I don’t take criticism badly at all. I read reviews, I reflect on them and I try to make sure that people can appreciate work in the future if they haven’t right now,” she added.

Her acting in Love Aaj Kal 2 was defs loud at times, but her character in Atrangi Re was quite convincing. We have to say that as an audience, we have been seeing constant growth in Sara’s performances.


While talking about trolling, the actress revealed that she only focuses on comments that talk about her acting and doesn’t give two hoots about anything else. She said, “If I’m being trolled for my work, it affects me because I’m making films for the audiences. So if they’re not liking it, it’s a problem. But, if I’m being trolled for saying what I am being or being who I am, then I don’t really care.”

Sara shared that she doesn’t lose her peace of mind because of a few online trolls. While she loves praises, she does not need anyone’s validation to know her worth. She said, “My mental peace doesn’t depend on what people say. You should learn and aspire for appreciation but there’s a difference between appreciation and validation. In the confusion of the two is where most people get lost and I think I understand that difference.”

We have to say, we are loving the actress’s optimistic attitude and how she deals with social media. In fact, we are picking up a few pointers ourselves!

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11 Jan 2022

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