Sanaya Irani Faced Nasty Comments As A Child For This Atrocious Reason & It’s Infuriating

ShivaniShivani  |  Oct 11, 2021
Sanaya Irani Faced Nasty Comments As A Child For This Atrocious Reason & It’s Infuriating


It won’t be an exaggeration if we say Sanaya Irani is one of the prettiest leading ladies in the telly town. She captured the attention of millions with her television debut show Left Right Left in 2007. Since then, her popularity has only soared and she has appeared in many daily soaps, reality shows and films. However, not many know that Sanaya was actually picked on for her looks when she was just a kid.

Yes, you read it right! While online trolling is a harsh reality of the social media world, Sanaya faced horrifying comments based on her appearance when she was just a school student.

The Fanaa actress recently opened up about the mean comments she heard when she was studying at a boarding school in Ooty. In an interview, Sanaya revealed that she was called a ‘white cockroach’ by her schoolmates.

Credit: Instagram

The diva stated that even though she had a great time in school, she always stood out because of her complexion when she was growing up. She said, “When I was in a boarding school in Ooty… I am really fair, and I was ten times fairer then. I was looked at differently in that school. People looked at me and said ‘white cockroach’ or ‘lizard’ or ‘white lizard’.”

The actress shared an instance that shattered her confidence and affected the way she looked at herself. She shared, “I heard a Gujarati family once say, ‘She looks like a monkey’. They were saying it in Gujarati but I knew Gujarati, they didn’t know that. We were in school, eating ice cream and they were like ‘look at her’ because I had red cheeks, red nose, all of that. They were like, ‘She looks like a monkey.’ So, for me, when people looked at me, I always connected it to ‘they are going to say something weird about me.”

Sanaya maintained that these comments made her wary of compliments and she hated being noticed for her looks. Isn’t that heartbreaking? Passing mean comments or bullying a child can have severe consequences on their self-esteem, and it is NOT okay!

After hearing this story, all we want to do is go back in time and hug little Sanaya. Girl, you are beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!