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This Same-Sex Couple Got Married While Practicing Social Distancing & It’s Beautiful

This Same-Sex Couple Got Married While Practicing Social Distancing & It’s Beautiful

With the coronavirus pandemic creating panic across the globe, several couples are forced to either cancel or postpone their wedding. But there are some who cannot wait to celebrate their love for each other. One such couple is Reilly Jennings and Amanda Wheeler from New York. 

They got married on the street while a friend officiated the ceremony for them. Yes, you read that right. Reilly and Amanda were supposed to get married in October but considering the situation, they were uncertain about how things will pan out. With over 16,000 cases of the virus in New York City, it has already been declared the U.S epicentre of the crisis. The city is now under lockdown although grocery stores, pharmacies and parks among other things remain open. 

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With a marriage license in hand, Reilly and Amanda were planning to get married at the courthouse after finishing some work, but indefinite closure of the courthouse was announced soon after. They were disappointed, yes, but that didn’t dampen their spirits. The couple frantically called all of their friends looking for someone who could perform the ceremony for them.


Luckily, one of their friends, Matt Wilson told them that he was ordained by the city clerk and could marry them, and voila! That’s when they planned an innovative way to get married. Reilly borrowed a white jumpsuit from a friend and the couple walked to Matt’s house, where he was self-isolating himself with his wife.

Matt officiated their wedding from the window of his apartment on the fourth floor and the couple exchanged their ‘vows’ while the neighbours and their best friends cheered from a safe distance.

Watch the video here: 

Aww! We can’t stop looking at this happy couple. In her Instagram caption, Reilly called their wedding the perfect “New York moment amidst a crazy time”. Well, it sure was beautiful.

Take a look at the blissful pictures from the ceremony:




On the way back, they picked up a pizza and opened a bottle of champagne!

Wish you guys a happily married life guys!

Featured Image: Instagram

25 Mar 2020

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