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Sambhavana Seth’s Empowering Message for Those Questioning Her Weight Gain Is A Must-Read

Sambhavana Seth’s Empowering Message for Those Questioning Her Weight Gain Is A Must-Read

Being a celebrity means you are under constant scrutiny and every move you make is questioned and oftentimes criticised. Recently, the Bigg Boss fame Sambhavna Seth experienced the dark side of the ‘Gram when she was questioned about her weight gain in the last few months. The actress took to social media to talk about her struggles to conceive a child via IVF (In vitro fertilization) and how it has caused her to gain weight.

Before we talk about Sambhavna’s post, let’s take a moment to celebrate her courage to be this vulnerable on the ‘Gram. People often treat celebs as larger-than-life presence and expect them to be flawless all the time, which is just so unrealistic. The Razia Sultan penned a small note along with a video and wrote, “Ye sun lo sab…We have to be positive in all situations…Yes, I’m going through health issues but I will come out of it very soon…Let’s not be mean to people…Kisi ko koi bhi problem ho sakti hai…Important hai to stay positive. (sic)”

In the video, Sambhavana shared, “In my recent videos, you all must have noticed that I have been asking Avinash if I have gained weight. It is something I know as I have gained weight. I have seen myself in a fit body and back then I was able to dance easily. Now also I dance with ease but with a not-so-fit body because of my health complications. I feel that I need to make myself understand and make the viewers understand that our bodies keep changing. What we need to remember is that your body is not going to stay the same at all points in your life.”

Sambhavana ended the video with a beautiful message about self-love and how we all must celebrate ourselves. NGL, it is every bit inspiring to see Sam trying her best to stay positive and inspiring others to do the same.

We hope Sambhavana emerges victorious after struggling with her health complications. Meanwhile, we are going to play the video on a loop ‘coz who doesn’t need some motivation in life?

Featured Image: Instagram

09 Aug 2022

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