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Calm Down Bhai! 8 Times Salman Khan Had Us Rolling Our Eyes While Hosting Bigg Boss

Calm Down Bhai! 8 Times Salman Khan Had Us Rolling Our Eyes While Hosting Bigg Boss

Rubina Dilaik really has raised a storm in the Bigg Boss house by declaring war against Salman Khan and insisting that she wants to leave the house after accusing him of insulting her and her husband Abhinav Shukla. That said, her fans anxiously await the weekend episode and how exactly is Salman going to react to all these allegations. Now, given Salman’s past record with similar incidents, one thing can be said for sure i.e. it is clearly not going to go well for Rubina. 

Those who follow Bigg Boss know that Salman has a mammoth ego and does not respond well to anything or anyone who challenges it. Also, the actor perhaps is the most ‘dedicated’ host in the history of reality TV and has shown that he takes his job very seriously, a bit too seriously perhaps. Don’t really follow what we are talking about here? Here’s a list of eight Bigg Boss incidents that will help you understand:

When He Made Karanvir Bohra Apologise For Something That He Didn’t Even Do


Back in 2018 when Karanvir Bohra appeared as a contestant on Bigg Boss 12, Salman took the liberty of ridiculing him and making crude jokes about him on a number of occasions. Enraged by the same, his wife Teejay Sidhu wrote an open letter to Bigg Boss for mistreating and ridiculing him on the show. It did not go well with Salman, who took it out on Karanvir in the weekend episode and angrily asked him if he was feeling insulted. Not one to make a mountain out of a mole, Karanvir shut the matter by apologising to the host for his wife’s remark.

However, the audience did feel that the actor was being ridiculed for absolutely no reason. And while Karanvir might have denied it back then when Rubina Dilaik raised a problem with Salman’s crude jokes and personal remarks, Karanvir Bohra did support the claims. He tweeted, “It’s in my culture not to speak back to elders, I’ve been raised that way… but my wife wasn’t wrong when she wrote the open letter. She felt, what any wife would feel for their husband, if @RubiDilaik‘s sentiments are hurt, it’s valid.. I’m not watching the show at all but I like Salman Bhai as the host of the show. It’s only sometimes I find his humour a little condescending.”

When He Normalised Sidharth Shukla’s Aggressive Behaviour


A lot of controversial things happened in Bigg Boss 13, Sidharth Shukla referring to Rashami Desai as “aesi ladki” being one of them. And while it was pretty clear what Sidharth was insinuating by using this phrase, as the host of the show, Salman took the liberty to interpret it in his own weird way. By doing so, not only did he give Sidharth a clean chit where he didn’t deserve one but also normalised his aggressive and derogatory behaviour.  

When He Suggested Jasmin Bhasin To Take A Step Back When Intimidated By A Man


It was only last week that Jasmin raised to Salman how Eijaz came really close to her face during a task and tried intimidating her with an aggressive stance. And while one would expect host Salman to at least ask Eijaz to apologise for his misconduct, he dismissed the allegation by referring to it as a misunderstanding. In fact, he went to the extent of asking Jasmin to have avoided that intimidation by taking a step back. His suggestion mostly revolved around the idea that if someone is physically intimidating you and being passive-aggressive, then the best way to deal with it is to take a step back, and not make a scene out of it. Errrr, what about accountability Salman? 

When He Decided To Give Asim & Himanshi Some Muft Ka Gyan


There is so much to recollect from Bigg Boss 13 because the shit really did hit the fan in that season. Now just for context, Salman is the same person who has encouraged scores of romances on Bigg Boss even when he knew that the people involved were already committed to the people outside. However, he showed us a brand new side when Asiam Riaz and Himanshi Khurana began developing feelings for each other. Not only did he give Asim a huge sermon on why he should stay away from Himanshi who was already engaged (despite the fact that she had talked about the abusive side of that relationship) he also wrongly claimed that Asim had a girlfriend outside the Bigg Boss house.

When He Decided To Clean The Bigg Boss House

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Well, this too is from Bigg Boss 13 and also kinda epic. Last season, Salman entered the Bigg Boss house and legit ended up cleaning it, drains and all. And while that was his way of making the contestants realise how dirty they were keeping the house, we just feel that there were a few steps that he could have taken before doing that, like directly telling the contestants maybe. 

When He Tried Forcing Karishma Tanna Into Forgiving Gautam Gulati

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That Salman had a clear bias for Gautam Gulati in Bigg Boss 8 was pretty clear. However, the host really did take it too far when he tried scolding Karishma Tanna into forgiving Gautam. In the initial days of the show, Gautam had abused Karishma during a task and while he did apologise later, Karishma didn’t really forgive him. Which sort of is her choice, right? Well, “no” would be the answer if we were to ask Salman who literally reprimanded her for not forgiving Gautam. 

When He Threatened To Beat Imam & Refused To Forgive Him

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To begin with, we clearly understand that Imam Siddiqui has been one of the most annoying contestants to ever participate in Bigg Boss. But even that does not justify it when the show’s host decided to stoop down to the same level and threatened to beat a contestant for flouting the show’s rules. Well, yes, this happened in Bigg Boss 6. Oh btw, Salman also refused to forgive Imam even after he profusely apologised for his misconduct. The same Salman who tried scolding Karisma Tanna into forgiving Gautam. Lol. 

When He Asked The Other Contestants To Respect Sreesanth Despite His Disrespectful Behaviour


Bigg Boss has already completed its 13 seasons and the 14th one is currently in the running. Out of them all, there hasn’t been a single season where the contestants weren’t reminded that they are all equal in the house and should behave that way. I mean Salman is the one who has personally ensured to convey the message on a number of occasions. However, he casually kept all of his preachings aside during Bigg Boss 12 when he absolutely ignored Sreesanth’s crazy aggression and scolded all the housemates for not giving him the kind of respect that a national-level cricket player deserves. 

Crazy, right? Maybe bhai could tone it down a little bit? Just a suggestion. 

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22 Oct 2020

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