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Problematic AF! Salman Khan Really Couldn’t Conceal His Biases In This ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’

Problematic AF! Salman Khan Really Couldn’t Conceal His Biases In This ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’

All thanks to Rubina Dilaik’s presence in the Bigg Boss 14 house, a lot of questions have already been raised on host Salman Khan’s crassness. The presence of Jaan Kumar Sanu in the house isn’t helping the situation either as both the host and the show’s makers get called out for nepotism. That said, it is surely not the first time that Salman has been tagged a biased host and favouring some contestants while deliberately ridiculing and insulting the others. Last season it was Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz who fell in the former and latter categories respectively. 

However, we were really expecting things to be slightly (if not entirely) different after the recent nepotism row in the entertainment industry. Sadly, nothing of that sort has happened and the Bigg Boss host appears all the more biased and problematic this time around. And to illustrate that, just this ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episodes would suffice. Here’s what happened:

Mental Health, What’s That??


Last week, a huge fight broke out between Jasmin Bhasin and Rahul Vaidya during the captaincy task. As part of the task, the red zone contestants were asked to take the bags that were in possession of the green zone contestants so as to get them out of the captaincy claims. Now, while the contestants weren’t asked to indulge in any sort of snatching or applying physical force per se, Rahul went to Jasmin and said, ‘Please give it to me because I will otherwise snatch this and you’ll get hurt.’ To this Jasmin promptly replied, ‘I will break but won’t give it to you.’

After the warning, Rahul actually ended up snatching the bag from her with a very strong jerk and Jasmin did not take it well. She got really upset with Rahul’s use of force against her and started screaming that she isn’t scared of physical intimidation by men. “Main nahi darti physical strength se kisi aadmi ki (I am not scared of the physical strength of any man),” she said.

Despite the housemates’ attempts to calm her down, Jasmin had a visible meltdown that was really concerning to watch. She kept looking traumatised post that and also talked about how the incident had triggered memories of some childhood trauma for her. 

However, in the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ Salman gave a clean chit to Rahul. But that’s not the problematic part. While doing so, he told that it was all “faltu ka rona dhona” on Jasmin’s part, called her a “satku,” and also dismissed her trauma as an “afterthought.”


He also said that she should have let the bag go and handled it in good spirit by laughing it off and saying something like, “He is obviously a guy he is stronger yar. My nail paint would have chipped, my manicure would have been ruined. I tried my best and then let it go.” Now, to talk about how much sexism and problematic thought process is reeking out for that suggestion is a futile exercise.

Sadly, everyone in the house apart from Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla ended up supporting Salman. In fact, Pavitra Punia went to the extent of absolutely dismissing the idea of childhood traumas and saying that they can’t be held in Bigg Boss house. “I am sure 95 percent of us have childhood traumas. But we can’t hold on to those traumas in the Bigg Boss house thinking that if a person has done something even by mistake, they are a monster.”

Umm can someone please tell Salman and Pavitra that this is not how traumas and mental health work? 

That said, this is not the first time that Salman has asked Jasmin to back off when being intimidated by a man. Last month too, Jasmin Bhasin raised in a ‘weekend ka vaar’ episode how fellow contestant Eijaz Khan tried to “physically intimidate her during the task.” Interestingly, Eijaz accepted the blame and said that it was part of his “psychological strategy.” However, instead of repudiating Eijaz for doing so, Salman called it a case of misunderstanding and asked Jasmin that she should have avoided that intimidation by taking a step back. His suggestion mostly revolved around the idea that if someone is physically intimidating you and being passive-aggressive, then the best way to deal with it is to take a step back, and not make a scene out of it.

Wow, just wow!

Nepotism, What??


Post Shehzaad Deol’s eviction from Bigg Boss, the nepotism debate has found its impetus inside and outside the house. In last week’s nomination task, where contestants were asked to name each other in open voting, Rahul Vaidya decided to go after Jaan Kumar Sanu. He quoted nepotism as his major problem against Jaan and said, “I hate nepotism. All the contestants are here because of their own hard work, Jaan is here because he is someone’s son. He doesn’t have any personality of his own,” he said while nominating him.

Those who follow Bigg Boss knew that Salman would certainly lose it after the comment given that he was the one who gave Jaan a special introduction in a press release way before the show’s premiere. And exactly that happened as Salman bombed Rahul for the nepotism remark and dismissed the entire debate in a long rant. He asked Rahul if he would call his parents’ support nepotism and also raised that Rahul wouldn’t be a bigger name in the music industry than Jaan had it been for nepotism. 

I mean, of course, no one in the house would dare to ask why the hell was Jaan given an extra shoutout even before the show’s premiere but damn boy, that IS nepotism! 

Well, rest assured we gotta give it to Salman for how brazenly biased he is on national television. I mean takes real guts to be so conceited, right?

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02 Nov 2020

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