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Karan Kundrra Just Got Called Out For Being The Kabir Singh Of BB 15 & We Def See A Pattern

ShivaniShivani  |  Dec 13, 2021
Karan Kundrra Just Got Called Out For Being The Kabir Singh Of BB 15 & We Def See A Pattern


Truth be told when Bigg Boss 15 started, we were excited to see Karan Kundrra in his element. The actor has been a part of many popular reality shows and everyone was expecting a lot from him. In the beginning, Karan surely delivered! He was witty, competitive, and smart…but perhaps he burned too bright, too fast! 

In the last few weeks, we have observed a new side of KK and it’s legit concerning. From getting in physical violence with fellow contestants to being insecure about his ladylove Tejasswi Prakash, we did notice major red flags in Karan’s behaviour!

Finally, the show’s host Salman Khan decided to call out Karan for his attitude in the house (better late than never!). The Dabangg actor asked the Love School star why he got so possessive towards Tejasswi and questioned her relationship with Vishal Kotian. 

Salman said, “Why there is so much insecurity? You make her life miserable. You fell for her. She was not even interested. She supports you always but when have you supported her. You can make a bond with everyone but if she makes any sort of relationship with anyone she is wrong.” The actor then turned to Tejasswi and said, “Teju, listen to me! All this, this won’t even last for a month after you come out.”

Karan responded to Salman’s questions and said, “I am protective about her. I stand by her. I have never felt like this before.” While we love how cute #TejRan are together, nothing can justify his behaviour!

NGL, Karan has turned into Bigg Boss ka Kabir Singh when it comes to Tejasswi. From questioning her bond with Vishal/Nishant to going behind her back, he has made a series of questionable decisions in their relationship.

That’s not all! During a test, Karan legit kicked another gharwala in the balls and totally denied it later. This is NOT okay at all! Remember how Zeeshan Khan was evicted from Bigg Boss OTT for pushing Pratik Sehajpal violently, how come the rules are so different in Bigg Boss 15?

While we are glad to see Salman calling out Karan, we honestly want Dil Hi Toh Hai actor to introspect a little! It’s not too late to fix things…

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