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Anything But Filmy! Here’s How Saif Ali Khan Reacted When Kareena Told Him About Baby #2

Anything But Filmy! Here’s How Saif Ali Khan Reacted When Kareena Told Him About Baby #2

Every masala movie buff in India happens to be well aware of how euphoric the moment of an on-screen pregnancy reveal happens to be. The general flow of emotions goes somewhat like: a slight apprehension here, a little disbelief followed by tears of joy there, and of course, a happy, jubilant song to mark the moment. 

However, that’s not really the case with real-life pregnancy announcements, even if the parents-to-be are actual superstars. And we have a specific B-town couple in mind as we talk about pregnancy reveals i.e. Safeena! As you might be well aware, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif are expecting their second child together. And given Kareena’s affinity for all things filmy, you’d expect her pregnancy reveal to be a rather grand one, of course. 

However, that’s just not the case right now. In fact, Saif’s reaction was anything but “filmy” when Kareena told him about the pregnancy. Talking about it in a recent interaction with Zoom, she shared, “Unfortunately in my house there is nothing filmy as such. Because Saif is very normal and relaxed. Of course, he is always happy to hear it. So like I said, it wasn’t planned but it was something we really wanted to celebrate and we are really enjoying it together.”


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In fact, that has kind of been the couple’s approach to almost everything for the second pregnancy. In a recent interview with Anupama Chopra, Kareena also talked about how she went all out with the entire idea of “eating for two” in her first pregnancy and hopes to be more mindful this time around. She shared, “Last time, I just took myself for granted and became huge. I put on 25 Kgs. I don’t want to do that. I just want to be healthy and fit. I think the first time, it’s just excitement. Everyone’s like parathe khao, ghee khao, doodh piyo, besan ka laddoos are coming. And now, I’m like listen I have done it before, I know what my body requires. My doctor’s like ‘listen you are not eating for two, that is just a myth. Just be healthy and be safe.’ And that is what I am trying to do.”


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Well, a “filmy” pregnancy or not, Kareena Khan is definitely keeping the ball rolling with her maternity style this time as well. That said, we aren’t too sure if the couple would be able to maintain this non-filmy streak once the child arrives. I mean it’s Taimur sibling after all, and we don’t need to remind you of the entire Taimur phenomenon to predict how exactly is that going to go! 

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24 Oct 2020

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