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Slow Claps! Saif Ali Khan Legit Thinks That Actors’ Job Is As Risky As That Of Doctors RN

Slow Claps! Saif Ali Khan Legit Thinks That Actors’ Job Is As Risky As That Of Doctors RN

Earlier this year when the entire nation was under a stringent lockdown, it was our essential workers who were the only ones still on duty. They literally risked their lives so as to fight the pandemic on the frontlines. Of course, we have all read about the commendable stories of doctors and healthcare workers who have been working for days in a row. They have been sweating day in and day out in their suffocating PPE kits, those who have mask scars on their face now, and those who lost their lives while fending for others.

To say that the essential and healthcare workers have been the undisputable heroes this year would be like stating the obvious. But guess there are some “heroes” who had to relegate their crown for so long this year that they can not take it anymore. Now we can’t say about everyone but Saif Ali Khan is certainly feeling that way. Because there is no other way to explain how on Earth did he find it okay to compare the job of actors with that of doctors during the pandemic. Yup, he legit did that. 

This is what Saif had to say about acting during the pandemic in a recent interaction with The Quint: “You know, actors can’t wear masks and the film set is a very dangerous environment at this time. But most people I have worked with have made really big efforts. People are trying their best, but it’s still dangerous. These are tricky times and I feel actors definitely deserve credit for this.”


He further added, “During the lockdown, we quietly sat at home for six months, wasted our lives, and lost our time. But now when the government is saying go out and work to support the economy, we are in the frontline again. It’s a high-risk profession, almost like working at a hospital.”

We really cannot ascertain the kind of pride, tone-deafness, and delusion it actually takes to equate your job with that of healthcare workers during a world pandemic. But then again this is the same man who was seen strolling on Marine Drive with his family, sans any masks right after the first Unlock phase was announced. How much are we really expecting from him here?

The netizens are, of course, livid at the sweeping statement and are duly calling out Saif for the sense of entitlement that reeks out of this statement. Here’s what they have to say:






Well, to paraphrase Kourtney Kardashian here: Saifthere’s people that are dying!

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12 Nov 2020

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