Safety First: All The COVID-19 Precautions We’re Taking At The #MyGlammExperienceStore

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Jan 29, 2021
myglamm experiential store in mumbai


Haven’t you heard? There’s a new #InstaWorthy beauty space in town!

Yes, we are talking about the newly opened MyGlamm Beauty Experimental Store in Mumbai. If you are a beauty maven who loves the *touch and feel* shopping experience rather than ordering a bunch of stuff online, then you have to check it out!

It is not your average makeup store but an experience in itself. Think chilling with your BFF, taking stunning photos for your Insta feed, and picking up your fav products- ain’t that the dream? Not only that, you can totally take a million mirror selfies and if you are not feeling the lighting, you can totally adjust its colours. Seriously, how cool is that?

Now, you must be wondering if it’s even safe to visit the store, especially during a pandemic? Yes! Keep on reading to know about all the precautions the store is taking so that you have a lovely and safe time.

Here Are All The COVID Precautions We’re Taking At The #MyGlammExperienceStore ‘Coz Your Safety Is Our Priority


If you do not have any exciting plans for the weekend, then why not hit the MyGlamm Experiential Store with your gals?

Yup, we are taking all the necessary precautions so you have the time of your lives.

Temperature Is Checked Before Entering


Before you enter the store, your temperature is checked in order to ensure that you are not infected. Not only that, the temperature of all the MyGlamm employees are checked every day before they start the day.

Sanitizing Is The Key


The next big step is sanitizing. Before entering the store, you are required to sanitize both your hands properly. Yes, the MyGlamm staff regularly sanitize their hands.

Not only that, the entire store is properly sanitized thrice every day, including all the makeup products so you can feel safe while shopping.

Even the washrooms are sanitized regularly.

Be A Superhero And Always Wear Your Masks


Apart from social distancing and regularly washing your hands, wearing a mask is equally important. No one is allowed to enter the store unless they’re wearing a mask. Yup, even the staff keeps half their faces covered for their own and your safety.

Keeping The Customers Capacity At A Minimum


The stunning store attracts a lot of amazing people every day but they ensure that only a certain number of people are present inside at all times. After all, social distancing is the key to remaining safe right now.

Have you checked out the store yet?

Featured Image: MyGlamm