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Rupali Ganguly Recalls Her Jhat-Pat Wedding & It’s Nothing Like Anuj-Anupama Ki Shaadi

Rupali Ganguly Recalls Her Jhat-Pat Wedding & It’s Nothing Like Anuj-Anupama Ki Shaadi

Badhaai ho! After way too many obstacles and delays, Anuj and Anupama are finally married. Honestly, we were so invested in their wedding that it somehow felt like a ghar ki shaadi. The new promo of Anupama shows that the bride is all set for her vidaai and NGL, we are feeling a bit emotional. Interestingly, not just us, but the wedding sequence has made the protagonist, Rupali Ganguly quite nostalgic as well. During a recent interview with a leading daily, she spilled some beans about her real-life i.

The actress revealed that Rupali and her husband, Ashwin K Verma, had initially planned an intimate ceremony in just two days’ time. But, after several changes and twists, they ended up with almost a hundred guests at their house to celebrate their union.


While recalling her D-day, Rupali said that her family did all the preparations in just two days. She wore a red saree for the occasion along with a blue blouse that was designed by her friend. Interestingly, the pandit ji, who was supposed to do the rituals, did not arrive till late in the evening. But, the hilarious bit was that her husband came to the venue several hours later than the scheduled time.

“Ashwin entered a ‘no entry’ lane and he was fined by the police. It was hilarious how finally Ashwin landed at my home and the pandit started chanting the mantras from the ground floor till he came to my flat. In total, I had around 99 people at my wedding,” she said. Well, we can imagine that it would have been quite a funny and chaotic sight. He completed the rituals in a casual shirt and jeans and their wedding was over in just a few minutes.


While the actress did not have a lavish wedding, she did throw a grand after-party for her loved ones. While talking about her decision of having an intimate shaadi, she said, “Ours was a fast, hilarious and a super quick wedding. I feel that instead of spending money on a big, fat wedding, you should rather share your happiness by helping the less privileged.”

We totes see her point. A wedding is one of the most special days in a couple’s life and as long as they’re happy, nothing else really matters. As much as we loved #MaAn ka vivaah, we think Rupali’s real-life wedding was a lot more fun.

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20 May 2022

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