9 Tricks To Dry Your Hair *Perfectly* Without Using A Dryer!

Priyanka GhuraPriyanka Ghura  |  May 10, 2016
9 Tricks To Dry Your Hair *Perfectly* Without Using A Dryer!


Do you think air-drying your locks for smooth, frizz-free hair is just a beauty myth? We don’t blame you, but there really is a way for making these tress dreams a reality. Though we love taming our mane with a blow dryer or iron, we all know the ill-effects of heat styling, and sometimes we’re just plain lazy. Instead, follow these dos and don’ts of air-drying your hair to help your mane look amazing with minimal effort. Trust us, you’ll never feel like touching your hair dryer again.

1. Towel Dry With Caution

After using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, make sure not to rub your hair vigorously with a towel once you’re out of the shower. Use a soft, micro-fiber towel or even an old cotton t-shirt (they’re so much gentler on our strands) to pat – don’t rub your hair. You can flip your hair upside down for a lift at the roots.

2. Detangle Away

rules for air drying your hair

Now gently comb your strands, starting from the ends and working your way up. A wide tooth comb is what you need; although, if you have very curly hair, then just use your fingers.

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3. You NEED Some Product

There are very few hair textures and girls who are truly blessed with locks that will air-dry perfectly without any product; for the rest of us, a few drops really are necessary. A good product designed for your hair type makes all the difference in giving you soft strands. For straight hair use a light oil/ serum mainly on your ends, for wavy hair a leave-in cream, and for curly hair a mousse or leave-in lotion works best. You can also try a volumizing spray if your hair tends to fall flat or a texturizing product to bring more movement. Remember that products are your friend, just don’t use more than 2 at one time.

4. Keep Argan Oil Handy

rules for air drying your hair

Want seriously silky tresses? Just apply a few drops of argan oil on the mid-lengths and ends to tone down frizz and seal the cuticles for soft, shiny locks. Plus, it leaves your hair smelling fresh and clean.

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5. Add Texture Naturally

Braiding damp hair is a no-fail method of bringing some playful texture to your mane. You can create 2 braids or 4 – 2 in the front and 2 in the back – depending on how much wave you want in your locks. Leave your hair braided for a few hours; once it’s completely dry open the braid and shake your hair out with your fingers. Twist your hair with a product that has some hold for a tousled look. This is a good idea for straight to wavy hair.

6. Or Try The Top Knot

rules for air drying your hair

You can also try twisting your hair into a top knot after applying your product. This will help avoid frizz as your hair dries, will accentuate soft waves and lift your roots to prevent them from falling flat. Once dry, shake your hair loose and tousle and scrunch with your fingers.

7. If You Have Short Hair

Use a leave-in or serum to add shine before combing your locks in the direction you want it to dry. Then let it air-dry naturally and keep your fingers off it. Touching your hair while it’s drying causes frizz.

8. Brush, Scrunch And Plop

rules for air drying your hair

If it all sounds too confusing to you, then just remember these general rules for your hair texture. For straight hair, it’s best to keep brushing with a paddle brush till it dries completely. For wavy hair, use your hands to scrunch all over after applying product. For very wavy and curly hair, practice plopping. That means laying a microfiber towel or soft, cotton t-shirt on a bed, flipping all your hair over into it and wrapping it around your head so all your curls are tumbled on top of your head. Leave it like this for a while, till it is 80% dry, to allow your curls to become springy, then let it loose and twirl sections of hair with your fingers for gorgeous curls.

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9. Avoid Sleeping With Wet Hair

Hitting the sheets with wet hair can cause a lot of frizz, tangles and roughness, while also encouraging breakage. If you must wash your hair at night then apply an anti-frizz serum and then braid your hair loosely. This will help keep your hair tangle-free, avoid frizz and will help you wake up to glamorous, heat-free waves. Using a silk pillowcase is also great for keeping your strands soft and frizz-free.

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