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Disgusting! It’s time BB Makers Stop Exploiting Rubina Dilaik’s Vulnerabilities For TRPs

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Feb 7, 2021
Disgusting! It’s time BB Makers Stop Exploiting Rubina Dilaik’s Vulnerabilities For TRPs


It’s at least been a whole month in Bigg Boss 14 that Salman Khan finds some reason or the other to bash Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla in the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episodes. Honestly, most of it comes out of bizarre nitpicking where he is seen scolding or questioning them for something someone else has done altogether. Be it questioning Rubina for Nikki Tamboli’s behaviour or telling Abhinav that Rakhi Sawant pulling his short’s string on national TV is no big deal, Salman has consistently found a way to make it about the couple. 

Well, given that so much hell broke loose in the past week in the BB house, we were actually hoping that for once Salman Khan would have someone else to educate this week. I mean Devoleena Bhattacharjee could have used a lesson for trying to shove food in Arshi’s mouth and breaking utensils, right? Wrong! Looks like it has become impossible for the BB host to look past Rubina Dilaik and somehow, everything in the house boils down to her being “opinionated” and “dominating.” The exact same thing happened in last night’s episode.

It is becoming pretty evident that the constant badgering and nitpicking are beginning to impact Rubina’s mental health and sadly even that’s content for the Bigg Boss makers. And whatever happened last night was honestly a new low. Here’s everything that’s making us angry right now:

For Bigg Boss Makers, Content> Mental Health


The BB makers have made quite a show out of their contestants’ mental health this season. It has happened before in Bigg Boss 14, and it is happening again. In last night’s episode, Salman went on and on about Rubina losing the plot and failing to understand between right and wrong. She was made to explain herself again and again.

Eventually, she broke down after the constant badgering and ended up making an emotionally jarring revelation. Rubina shared that she has had her struggles with mental health, was also suicidal at a point and the show is triggering all of that yet again. “8 saal pehle, main exactly aisi thi, aggressive. Mom-dad ke saath relationship was not that great. I had suicidal tendencies. Relationship tutne ka bhi yehi wajah tha,” she shared during the revelation. 

Honestly, it takes great strength to do whatever Rubina did. She is, of course, a very strong woman and has proved it time and again in the BB house. Sadly, the makers have cut promos out of the revelation and kept circulating the clips on TV and social media all throughout the weekend obviously for the purposes of TRPs. Needless to say, it is downright disgusting and also triggering for not just Rubina but so many others. It’s high time they stop making a game out of their contestants’ mental health! 

The Constant Badgering


While we agree that she should not have thrown water on Rakhi Sawant, we can very clearly recollect how Salman reacted after Vikas had thrown Arshi in the pool. He had actually sided with Vikas and said that probably he would have done the same thing. Strange that the rules change so much when it comes to Rubina. Seriously, how is Rubina fighting for her family’s respect any different from Vikas doing the same?

Salman went on dissecting each and every word that Rubina had said to Rakhi during the fight insisting that what Rubina said was way worse than what Rakhi did. Seriously? Forget that, can he actually repeat everything that Rakhi said on national TV? Yes, he called out Rakhi for her antics but not even once anything was mentioned explicitly. However, he legit dedicated two “Weekend Ka Vaar” episodes to school Rubina. Also, amazing how he didn’t really have anything to say to Devoleena who created quite a scene in the past week, or to Nikki who had an aggressive altercation with Rakhi. After all, as long as there’s Rubina Dilaik in the house, no one really needs to be worried about their behaviour, right?

At this point, it’s getting quite irritating and we really hope that Salman can do away with his Rubina-obsession next week!

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