Rubina Dilaik Has A Savage Message For Her Body-Shamers & We Hope The Trolls Have Learnt Their Lessons

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Nov 23, 2021
Rubina Dilaik Has A Savage Message For Her Body-Shamers & We Hope The Trolls Have Learnt Their Lessons


Hello fam, it’s a beautiful day and here’s how Rubina Dilaik is making it even more amazing. Here are the things she is up for— winning our hearts, giving us stellar performances in great projects and sharing glimpses from her life. Here are the things she is definitely not up for—letting online trolls get to her and spew negativity in her life.

The actress has recovered from COVID-19 recently and is gradually getting back to following her workout regime. She shares her yoga videos and diet pics on the ‘Gram and we totes love them. Rubina has been paying attention to her health and taking time to heal mentally and physically, but it seems that netizens are not okay with it.

The Shakti actress recently took to her social media handle and called out her ‘pseudo fans’ who have been trolling her for her weight and career choices. Honestly, it’s making us quite infuriated and we’re glad that Rubina has given them a befitting reply. Here’s what she wrote:

The Bigg Boss 14 winner shared a series of sunkissed pics on her Instagram handle and looked beautiful in a yellow turtleneck sweater. She revealed in her caption that people are trolling her for gaining weight and wrote, “Dear well Wishers/ PSEUDO FANS , I am observing that my weight gain is bothering you! You are relentlessly sending hate mails and messages , you don’t see my worth if I don’t hire a PR or if I don’t tip paps for spotting … you are threatening to leave fandoms coz I am fat now , I don’t wear good (designer) clothes and I am not working hard to get BIG projects.”

Rubina has created her own impact in the entertainment industry and her success story speaks for itself. It’s really infuriating that some people are questioning her talent based on her weight and looks. While talking about it, she wrote, “Well , I am indeed disappointed that , FOR YOU my physical appearance is far more important than my talent and my commitment to my work.”


Rubina further added that people should stop bothering her because it’s her life and said, “IT’S MY LIFE and it has phases, and you too are a phase of my life ! 😊🙏🏼…… PS :- I respect my fans, so don’t call yourself my FAN !”

Well, we laud the actress for calling out the trolls and shutting down the negativity with sass and style. We hope that her reply educated these netizens and they would stop with the unnecessary hate messages.

Featured Image: Instagram