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Fearless & Feisty: 7 Reasons Why We’re Rooting For Rubina Dilaik As Bigg Boss 14 Winner

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Feb 19, 2021
Fearless & Feisty: 7 Reasons Why We’re Rooting For Rubina Dilaik As Bigg Boss 14 Winner


Precisely two days from now, that is on February 21, we will officially get the winner of Bigg Boss 14. *Inserts a super excited jump right here.* As of now, the cut-throat competition is between Rubina Dilaik, Rahul Krishna Vaidya, Nikki Tamboli, Aly Goni, and Rakhi Sawant.

Now, of course, there are multiple speculations about who is going to win the trophy. And obviously, like a true Bigg Boss fanatic, I have been voting for my favourite gharwala as well. So, I’ll just go ahead and put it out there for you–I’m rooting for Rubina Dilaik and nope, you cannot change my mind about it! And I can surely tell you why the Shakti actress is, indeed, the most deserving winner of BB 14. In case you also feel the same, high-five 🙏!

7 Reasons Why Rubina Is Going To Win Bigg Boss 14

NGL, my social media is flooded with Bigg Boss fan pages. But again, while I’m completely rooting for Rubina, there’s no reason to underestimate any other contestant. ‘Cuz honestly, they all have done a fab job at surviving in that madhouse for so many weeks. So, all the anti-Rubina fans out there, don’t @ me!

No PR, Just Pure Love!


Honestly, I was shocked to learn that Rubina and Abhinav Shukla had not hired any PR team for themselves before entering the house. We all heard the actress mention multiple times on the show that she wanted her fans’ support organically. So it might come as a huge surprise, but all the fan pages and promotions on social media handles are her supporters’ pure love. Isn’t that a winner’s trait already?

Who Needs A Mic When You’ve Such A Strong Voice!


Throughout the show, the feisty lady used her strong voice when and where required. You might have disagreed with her opinions but you heard them nonetheless. Not only she put across her thoughts unapologetically, but she also stood by them.

Her fights with Jasmin Bhasin, Rahul, and even Sonali Phogat over hurling abuses and throwing food proved just that. Moreover, she even called out Bigg Boss’ makers for their derogatory tasks and Salman Khan for making personal comments on her relationship.

Massive Fan Base Breaking All Records

Rubina’s fans have broken all records in Bigg Boss‘ history by tweeting #DeservingWinnerRubina more than 16 million times! The actress has become the most trending BB contestant ever on the micro-blogging site. From former contestants like VJ Andy, current challengers like Rahul Mahajan, to Bollywood celebrities like Shilpa Shetty and Bipasha Basu, Rubina has received support from the likes of all. In fact, did you know that there’s a Rubina Anthem that has been doing rounds on the internet?

Apart from her fierce personality, one of the major reasons for this insane fan-following could be the constant biases that she had to face from the host

Fearless And How!


In a country where talking about mental health is considered a taboo, Rubina came forward with her struggles and inspired all her fans. Not only she requested psychiatric help when required, but she also opened up about the time when she was battling depression. The actress definitely deserves to be lauded for her courage.

Breaking All Stereotypes


Have you ever wondered why Dipika Kakkar won Bigg Boss 12? Or why the viewers chose Shilpa Shinde over Hina Khan in Bigg Boss 11? They neither participated in tasks completely nor voiced their opinions. In fact, most of the Bigg Boss winners have a pattern of either being a docile bahu or a toxic alpha male. ThankfullyRubina is neither. From participating in tasks to voicing her opinion loud and clear, the actress broke all stereotypes associated with an adarsh Bahu.

Loyal With All Relationships


Rubina and Abhinav’s relationship is hands-down, one of the most amazing relationships in the history of Bigg Boss. The doting lovebirds set #CoupleGoals throughout the season by supporting each other despite all the backlashes. In fact, our hearts went out to Rubi when she stood up for her hubby while slamming down Kavita Kaushik and Rakhi Sawant.

Not just as a wife, the actress created some beautiful connections with other gharwalas as well. From her sisterly bond with Aly and Nikki to her animosity with Rahul, Rubina has always been loyal to her relationships.

Dignity, Grace & Everything In Between


Rubina might be the only contestant in Bigg Boss ever who did not hurl abuses at her fellow gharwalas. The actress has set a pretty cool standard for all the future contestants and also educated the previous ones on how to play the game with dignity and grace.

P.S. We would also like to take this moment and thank her for all the Hindi words she taught us.

Super excited to see Rubina holding the BB 14 trophy!


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