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These Rubina-Abhinav Moments From Bigg Boss House Made Us Fall In Love With #Rubinav

These Rubina-Abhinav Moments From Bigg Boss House Made Us Fall In Love With #Rubinav

Bigg Boss season 14 has witnessed a lot of drama and fights but nothing has helped the show with its TRP. However, there’s one thing that keeps bringing us back to the show. The beautiful bond between the famous husband and wife jodi. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla. Ever since the beginning of season 14, Rubina and Abhinav have been winning over people with their respectful and dignified behaviour in the house. Rubina and Abhinav have set the bar really high and we love how real they are. They fight, argue and then make up with each other. Rubina and Abhinav have been supporting each other in every task. Love #Rubinav as much as we do? Scroll down to see some of the beautiful moments that the couple shared in the BB house:

Rubina and Abhinav’s journey on Bigg Boss has left us with love and life lessons that we will always hold close to our hearts. 


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When Rubina Chose To Support Abhinav

In the very beginning, when Abhinav won the Jewel Thief task, Bigg Boss gave him a choice. He could either have immunity from that week’s eviction or he could help his wife get rid of the rejected tag and enter the house. Abhinav made the tough choice to not help Rubina and saved himself. Rubina supported him in his decision and her understanding won us over. 

Abhinav Says Rubina is Biwi No. 1


One of the most adorable moments wass when Rubina and Abhinav danced to the song Biwi No. 1. Their romantic performance had us grooving and wanting more of #Rubinav moves! Even though Abhinav isn’t a great dancer, they both pulled it so well.

Abhinav Is Not ‘Samaan’

While Rubina believes in taking her own stand in fights, Abhinav never leaves a chance to defend her. During one of the ‘Weekend ka Vaar’ episodes, when Salman Khan made a crude remark calling Abhinav Shukla as Rubina’s “samaan”, she did not let it slide. In a firm but polite manner, Rubina pointed out that her husband is not “samaan”  and deserves to be respected. Slamming Salman Khan, Rubina said, “I believe in mutual respect and I sensed utter disrespect. If I am not respected, I will not work here. I can’t function like that. Nothing against the show, nothing against Salman sir. But he does not know us personally enough to make that sort of comments about us.”

You go, girl!


Karwa Chauth In Bigg Boss


While Rubina stayed hungry and thirsty and followed every rule of the fast, how could Abhinav stand back and watch? Mr Shukla too kept a fast for his wife. The lovebirds added to the appeal of the show by celebrating this loving moment and festival for the first time in the history of Bigg Boss

Abhinav Has Eyes Only For Wifey

When Arshi Khan asked Abhinav what kind of girls he likes, Abhinav’s answer made our hearts skip a beat. Expressing his love and devotion to his wife, Abhinav said that he likes girls like Rubina! 


The season may failed to impress the viewers but #Rubinav’s romance is definitely something that we look forward to. This celeb couple has us rooting for them. We love you #Rubinav and hope you stay #TogetherForever!

Featured Image: Instagram

24 Dec 2020

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