7 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas for an Awe-Inspiring Output!

Manasvi JaitlyManasvi Jaitly  |  May 5, 2016
7 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas for an Awe-Inspiring Output!

Pre-wedding shoots are not just about pretty, romantic pictures. It’s also about the time you spend with your fiance, those little cherished moments, the excitement of tying the knot and the feeling of being a couple. If you’re a head-over-heels-in-love couple and want pictures that are romantic (and cute!), these 7 romantic pre wedding photoshoot pictures are just what you need.

Wedding Photography 1. Pick me up!

How beautiful does this couple look?! It almost looks like the photographer captured a secret moment between the two. Twirling in his arms with your eyes locked together is just the sort of fairytale romance we girls crave!romantic pre wedding photos

Image: Coolbluezphotography on Instagram

Wedding Photography 2. A moment alone

A beautiful backdrop, the sun shining bright and the lovely couple just cherishing being together. This pre wedding shoot picture is not just mesmerizing, it makes you want to *be* them and just have a moment exactly like this with your man.

romantic pre wedding photos

Image: Storiesbyjosephradhik on Instagram

Wedding Photography 3. Stealing a kiss

Holding him tight to never let go and stealing a kiss behind the tree, we hope these old school romantic feelings never die out. Such cuties, these two!

romantic pre wedding photos

Image: Navdeepsoni on Instagram

Wedding Photography 4. Holding hands *aww*

There is still something extremely romantic about just holding hands and being there for each other. And what could be more romantic than the Taj Mahal as the backdrop in your  pre wedding photoshoot?

romantic pre wedding photos

Image: Weddingnama on Instagram

BannerTeal 500px

Wedding Photography 5. Love like this

There is something about a man kissing his woman on the forehead. I personally just find the whole thing very heartfelt and romantic. It’s just a way men show that they love you and they’ll always be there, no matter what.

romantic pre wedding photos

Image: Morviimages on Instagram

Wedding Photography 6. Summer love

The lovebirds who just want to spend a long lazy afternoon snuggling together in the outdoors. Such a pre-wedding shoot is cute, it’s charming, it’s just so lovey-dovey!

romantic pre wedding photos

Image: Bhumi and Simran Photography

Wedding Photography 7. Creating magic

Hold your breath because this shot at the Louvre in Paris is breathtakingly beautiful. Under the star-lit skies, the winds sweeping away your gown, your man by your side and a lifetime of love.

romantic pre wedding photos

Image: Weddingnama on Instagram

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