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25 Rom-Coms Even Your Boyfriend Would Love To Watch!

25 Rom-Coms Even Your Boyfriend Would Love To Watch!

Finding a movie to cuddle up with beer and popcorn on the couch can not only be hard, but may also feel like a herculean task! While us girls might love chick flicks and would want to watch them all the time… But, trust us, super-girly movies will only make him want to snooze inside that blanket. So here are 25 rom coms to watch with your boyfriend, that he will also like, just as much as you!

Best Rom Coms To Binge With Your Bae

If you’re not in the mood for watching yet another action movie and want to watch something fun and light instead, then this list will give you all the rom com movies you can snuggle in and watch with your boyfriend!

1. The Ugly Truth

Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler fall into a relationship in the most unexpected way. While Heigl is a TV show producer whose show is shutting down, Butler is a host whose take on love is rather sarcastic. The film is filled with great jokes that are perfectly timed and a lot of romance. So where’s your popcorn?

1 rom coms to watch with your boyfriend


2. Jab We Met

We’re sure you’ve seen it a hundred times over already, but who minds seeing Geet and Aditya together once more? One of the best rom com movies that Bollywood has ever produced, it’s just the right film to make your weekend or lazy afternoon absolutely perfect!

3. Friends With Benefits

With Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake as the lead characters, this film is surely one you both will enjoy watching. The story is about how the two of them decide to have ‘just’ a sexual relationship and not fall into a romantic one but that never works out, does it? Watch the movie and find out what happens after!

3 rom coms to watch with your boyfriend

4. Date Night

If you’ve been a couple for too long and want to re-ignite your relationship, this might be the movie to watch! Bring out the beer, turn up the volume, cuddle up and watch this to get some ideas (but not too many!). Starring Tina Fey and Steve Carell, the movie has many comical situations to keep you giggling throughout!


5. Pretty Woman

This one, you just cannot miss. What’s better than watching Julia Roberts and Richard Gere romance each other?! This one is about finding love in the oddest situations…with no expectations of finding it. It’s a classic and whether or not he admits it, we’re sure your boyfriend will enjoy it too.

5 rom coms to watch with your boyfriend

6.  Pyaar Ke Side Effects

This one is probably Rahul Bose and Malaika Sherawat’s finest and funniest films to date! Bose is a DJ who meets Sherawat the first time while he’s playing at her wedding – that doesn’t happen! The two fall in love a few years later and find themselves engaged. It’s a funny, cute film that your boyfriend might like even more than you do!

7. The Proposal

What starts off as a fake engagement between Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds intensifies as the two start spending more time together after being forced into situations they never expected to be in! The film is a light watch and you’ll definitely end up laughing a lot.


7 rom coms to watch with your boyfriend

8. Midnight In Paris

A very different film that will make you think about romance from a different perspective. It will make you and your boyfriend think about the idea of love in a new way and enjoy it too. It’s not the usual comedy, and with actors like Carla Bruni, Marion Cotillard, and Adrien Brody in the film, this Woody Allen movie is unmissable!

9. Hitch

In this movie, Will Smith is trying to help his latest client woo the lady of his dreams. In order for the date to be a successful one, he acts as a professional ‘date doctor’ but that’s when he’s disappointed to find out that his ‘game’ doesn’t work when it’s really love. Especially not on the gossip columnist he himself has fallen for! Cute and funny, this romantic comedy is perfect for your next date night!

9 rom coms to watch with your boyfriend (2)


10. Wake Up Sid!

This one’s about an unusual romance set in the city of dreams, Mumbai. This flick, with Ranbir and Konkona, will make you believe in yourself, and also in the idea of finding a partner who will help you re-discover yourself. It’s not overtly romantic or dramatic but it’s filled with moments when he’ll absolutely want to give you a kiss, just because!

11. Crazy Stupid Love

What happens when you ask for an unexpected divorce after 20 years? How the husband, with the help of his friend (who, by the way, is Ryan Gosling) jumps back in the market, is really worth watching. You both will enjoy this movie for the gripping plot!

11 rom coms to watch with your boyfriend

12. Going The Distance

Going to do a long distance soon or have already done it once? Well, this romantic comedy will show you how Drew Barrymore and Justin Long shuttle their relationship between New York and San Francisco – going the distance to make their love work. Major flashback, anyone?!


13. Hum Tum

From when Rani Mukherjee and Saif Ali Khan meet on a flight and absolutely hate each other to the time they finally fall in love… All those fights, the romantic scenes and ‘Hum Tum’ (the comic describing their feelings) will totally make you both feel ‘aww’! All that and a lot of Bollywood elements makes it one of the best romantic comedies out there.

13 rom coms to watch with your boyfriend

14. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days!

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are both up to challenges they find very difficult to complete. On one hand, Matthew has to woo a girl in 10 days, and Kate who writes the ‘How to’ section of a magazine about how to lose a guy in 10 days. And who is their target? Each other, of course!

15. What Happens in Vegas

Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher meet in Vegas and have a thrilling night where they accidentally get married! But a jackpot they won on this drunken night makes them stay together and that’s when all the drama unfolds. One of the best rom com movies ever, this film is absolutely hilarious and perfect for winding down with your guy!


15 rom coms to watch with your boyfriend

16. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Your boyfriend will definitely love this one! It shows what guys go through when their girlfriends (a celebrity in this case) breakup with them. From the tough times to all the fun that comes with it, this movie shows it all in full light!

17. Band Baaja Baraat

If you and your boyfriend first met in the most unexpected of ways, this movie will strike an instant chord in your heart. Anushka Sharma (Shruti in the movie) has always dreamt of starting her own wedding planning company. In a very unexpected and hilarious turn of events, she finds a business partner in Ranveer Singh (Bittu in the movies). They make one hell of a team but her ‘business only’ principle soon goes for a toss when she finds herself falling for him. What ensues is a riot of emotion, romance and laughter.

17 rom coms to watch with your boyfriend


18. 10 Things I Hate About You

This movie goes beyond your conventional high school drama and discusses the lengths one can go to for love. The strong-headed Kat Stratford is a breath of refreshment as compared to the usual plots involving damsels in distress. On top of that, Heath Ledger is always a pleasure to watch!

19. 17 Again

Wonder what it’d be like if you could go back in time and do a redo on your entire life? Would you choose the same person to spend your entire life with or is true love really ‘the one true thing’? Peppered with a lot of humour and the effortlessly talented Matthew Perry, we promise you would not get bored with this one!

20. Funny Face

Can a movie ever go wrong if it stars timeless actors like Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire? That and a backdrop of the beautiful city of Paris and you’ve got just the recipe for a night of classic fun! We suggest you get some wine with it and go “Bonjour Paris”!



21. She’s The Man

Wonder what would happen if a girl dresses up as a guy and goes to study in an all-boys school, and then goes on to join the football team? The fun doesn’t stop here, she also fall in love with her roommate, who’s the captain of the football team! One of the best rom com movies out there, you and your boyfriend will definitely have a fun time watching this one!

22. Befikre

Never before has Bollywood celebrated modern love as this flick that celebrates passion, love, and movin on in one glorious flick! Like always, Ranveer Singh has given a flawless performance and the beautiful Vaani Kapoor is as beautiful and headstrong as ever!


23. Valentine’s Day

This movie follows a series of interconnected stories in a single day as couples and singles alike go through the highs and lows of love on none other than Valentine’s Day! It walks you through how they experience first dates, reconnect with crushes, and reignite old flames.


24. 50 First Dates

What if you got a chance to relive your first date? When Henry sets his mind to date Lucy, little does he know that she suffers from short-term memory loss and practically cannot remember a

anything from the day before!

25. Music And Lyrics

When a former pop star (Hugh Grant) gets a shot at re-launching his music career, he accidentally falls in love with Drew Barrymore, who happens to take care of his plants. But before the movie gets to this happy ending, there is a lot that goes on in the films, first dates, awkward conversations, music, and of course, love.

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