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10 HOT Role Play in Bed Ideas for the Man Who Loves to Spice Things Up!

10 HOT Role Play in Bed Ideas for the Man Who Loves to Spice Things Up!

An important part of every sexual relationship is the enthusiasm to keep things exciting. And one very fun way of doing that is by role playing! Every guy, at some point or another, has fantasized about it – excessively! Here are 20 role play ideas that guys would love to try in bed

Role Play Ideas To Make Things Exciting Between The Sheets

Spontaneity is always welcome when it comes to taking things up a notch in the bedroom. So here are some role playing ideas that you and your partner can experiment with in the bedroom!


1. The Boss & The Secretary

And a table with things we can totally push off before laying you down on it. We’ll wear a tie if you wear those glasses! Ain’t it a super-hot role play in bed idea? We think, yes!

2. Strangers In The Night

You dressed in a sexy dress at a bar… And us meeting for the first time – all over again!

3. Master & Slave

You, playing the role of the slave, fulfilling every wish of ours… This one has the power to keep us awake at night, ladies! (Psst, we’re definitely willing to play the slave for you too, at some point!)

4. Super Heroes Unite

Just so many different role play options and ideas here… Imagine the ‘wonder’-ful possibilities. Would be a ‘super’ fun night, right?!

5. Police & Thief

A popular role play in bed idea! All we need is a pair of handcuffs to make this work, you know? And we’re more than happy to play the thief too!

6. The Special Massage

We’re flexible about who plays the role of masseur or masseuse here – or we both can take turns! That’s even better.

7. Submissive/ Dominant

You can’t say this is a surprise – dominating you, completely and totally, in bed would be a dream come true role to play. Literally. And no, we wouldn’t mind you taking control and us submitting either!

8. Plumber On Call

Oh, we’ll get your pipes working in no time, miss. Just let us take out our tools! (Sorry, couldn’t help it!)

9. The Professor & The Student

Let us be a bit more specific – a naughty student who needs to be punished and taught a lesson… Just too perfect a role play scenario for the bedroom to pass up!

10. The Pizza Delivery Guy

Because then there is a super special tip and pizza after the sex! What’s not to love about that?!

11. Good Cop And Bad Cop

Not only does this role playing idea appeal to use because of all the action that is promised later! And we would definitely love to play the “good cop” after a particularly hard interrogation (if you know what we mean

12. Doctor And Nurse

Now this role playing idea is one of our favourites, and you can probably guess why. We wouldn’t mind playing the doc and you helping us out with some procedures (ahem!)

13. Librarian And Reader

You can be the librarian and we can be the naughty reader, or we can also take it the other way round! The point being, we’re up for some punishment!

14. Nurse And Patient

Slightly different from the doctor and nurse role playing idea but equally sexy. We can be the patient and you can give us a sponge bath, and then maybe take things to the next level? (Pssst, we don’t mind you playing the patient either! *wink*)

15. The Sexy Maid

Now how about you pretend to dress up as the sexy maid and the two of you make love on the couch before someone busts you out? Extra points if you dress up in that lacey maid outfit!

16. The Angry Couple

Now you know that we love you to bits, but pretending that we’re crazy mad at each other definitely gets the ball rolling. So how about indulging in some steamy angry sex as a role play idea? Sounds great to us!

17. The Yoga Instructor

You can pretend to be our yoga instructor and teach us all the ways in which we can be more flexible. And rest assured that we’ll be happy to play the part as well!

18. The Cooking Class

You can pretend to teach us how to bake the perfect cake when the two of us decide to take the heat into the bedroom. The best part about this role play idea? We can introduce whipping cream into the picture! (*wink*)

19. The Royal Affair

Now that this is yet another role playing idea that we absolutely love! You can pretend that you’re a Queen and we have to obey your every single command. Pssst..we wouldn’t mind playing the King either!

20. The Artist Story

Why not take a scene from Titanic and make it our very own role playing idea? We can be the professional artist and you can be our muse, or vice versa, for we definitely wouldn’t mind some attention coming our way!

Now that you’re all up to date with the different role playing ideas out there, why not try a few with your man on your next date night together?

11 Jun 2019

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