She Who Dares WINS: 15 Risks Worth Taking In Life!

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016
She Who Dares WINS: 15 Risks Worth Taking In Life!


Life can be difficult, and sometimes the safest way is the easiest way to live it. But do think about what you might be missing out on – safety might give you security, but it will not necessarily bring you happiness always. Sometimes – at least sometimes – you need to throw caution to the winds and grab life by the horns. We bring you a few risks worth taking in life – just give yourself the chance, no matter what the world thinks!

1. Take a chance (at least once!) on that job that doesn’t pay well and has nothing to do with what you do right now, but is exactly what you’ve dreamt about doing at some point in your life.

risks worth taking 1

2. Tell him you love him, even though you’re shit scared of him not saying it back.

3. Get out of the relationship that you know in your heart isn’t going anywhere but you’re still in because it’s just been sooo long and because you have nightmares about ending up alone!

risks worth taking 3

4. Go on a trip with absolutely no itinerary or agenda. Let luck or chance decide where you go, who you meet and what you see. Trust us – good or bad, you’ll build memories you’ll never forget.

5. Let yourself look and feel completely ridiculous. Let go of all you inhibitions. Be it improv, theatre, singing, skinny-dipping or just dancing like nobody’s watching… It’s wonderfully liberating.

risks worth taking 5

6. Max out that credit card. Go buy that dress your friends think will look ridiculous but you’ve fallen in love with. Or upgrade to business class just because you want to know what it feels like, even though you’re sure your parents are going to think you’re insane.

7. Make the grand gesture… Yes, you’re a woman, and the big romantic gesture is supposed to be for men to do. But try it once, and you’ll realize just how amazing it is to be on the giving end of it.

risks worth taking 7

8. Ask that question that’s on everyone’s mind but no one has had the guts to ask it!! No, you’re NOT the only one who didn’t get it.

9. Tell your parents what you really want in life, even though you know it’s something that they will not understand and you may have to spend years convincing them to accept it.

risks worth taking 9

10. Send the food back because it’s just not prepared right. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a super-fancy 5-star on a date and don’t want to draw attention to yourself. 

11. Say yes to that video/ photoshoot request from that friend of a friend. Even if they’re shooting at a mall and the whole world will see you do it. That absurd thing will be with you for life, and make you smile every time you remember it.

risks worth taking 11

12. Book that trip!! Even if your bestie ditched on you. You CAN do it alone – and make a few new friends along the way. 

13. ASK for that promotion. Even though you’re worried that you’re going to be shut down by your boss and labelled “aggressive”. You need to learn to “lean in” – and make your career without waiting for someone to hand it to you.

risks worth taking 13

14. Pull out of that engagement if you need to – even if you’re worried that your family is going to be shattered. 

15. Say no to sex when you feel it isn’t right for you – or just not the right time for you. Even if you’re married.

risks worth taking 15

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