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RIP Logic! This Bizarre Scene From ‘Swaran Ghar’ Will Make You Wanna Break Your TV

RIP Logic! This Bizarre Scene From ‘Swaran Ghar’ Will Make You Wanna Break Your TV

Daily soap Swaran Ghar’s latest episode has no space for logic. Why do we say that? Well, a clip from the show has gone viral on social media and it is one of the weirdest things we have seen in a while. Most of us already know that Hindi daily soaps have no space for rationality, but this particular video took it way too far. The clip shows Swaran Bedi’s (Sangita Ghosh) dupatta accidentally getting stuck in a pedestal fan and then choking her to death.

Take a look at the video yourself:

A man named Ajit Lamba (Ajay Chaudhary) jumps to her rescue. Umm okay! But does she really need to be saved? Can’t she just take off the dupatta from the other side? No, of course not because it’s an Indian daily soap. And after this scene, we’ve lost all hopes of finding any logic behind these scenes. Ajit decides to tear apart the dupatta with his teeth and turns into a knight in shining armour for her. Wow, just wow! So many facepalm moments in a 2-minute long video, btw, we’ve lost the count!

A Legit WTF Moment!

In no time, the clip got netizens’ attention and boy-oh-boy, they had a lot to say. A Twitter user wrote, “Damn it! I actually watched the whole two mins. Also, I’m so confused. It’s a dupatta right & not a chain, why couldn’t they just pull it off from the other side!??”

Another one tweeted, “I am confused whether advertisement is about fan or dupatta or switch board or tooth paste (how strong his teeth)”

NGL, we are yet to understand the logic behind this scene! Can the show makers please explain it to us?

TBH, we don’t understand the obsession that Indian TV soap makers have with these ridiculous (but laughable) plots. The daily soap audience deserves to watch intelligent, well-written shows and we hope TV producers are listening to us.

Feature Image Credit: Instagram

13 May 2022

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