Relationship Goals: 9 Habits To Form Right From The Start!

Simar RanaSimar Rana  |  May 5, 2016


As time passes and we move ahead in our relationships, our habits and the way we are in that relationship becomes more defined. That is why there are certain habits we should think about and inculcate into our relationship from the very beginning! Here are a few habits you should form early on in your relationship!

1. Not talking ill about your partner to other people

Yes, we all feel the need to vent to our friends from time to time about things in our relationship that we may not been happy about. However, keep in mind that there is a difference between talking about the issue that is bothering you and talking badly about your partner. You can still discuss your frustrations with your besties without putting your partner down.

right way to be in a relationship

2. Respecting each other’s personal space

You’re an important part of each other’s lives and that’s great. But that doesn’t mean you won’t need time to do things on your own or with your friends. Don’t get upset about him wanting to do certain things without you and he will extend the same courtsey.

3. Resolving arguments quickly and effectively

Don’t hold on to that argument you had 2 weeks ago. Talk about it at that moment and resolve it. Holding onto it or bringing it up at a later time only makes it worse. You have that much more time to think about things said and done that are usually not meant to hurt you. So, speak up when the issue occurs, solve it and move forward!

right way to be in a relationship

4. Do not compare yourself to every other person in their life

You’re an integral part of his life, as is he in yours, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that no one else can be important. You both still have your friends and families who will always be important too. Comparing yourself to the other important people in his life is just not fair!

5. Listening to each other

Don’t just hear what they’re saying; listen. Try and understand where your partner is coming from – whether he’s upset or just acting unreasonable according to you. Ask him what’s wrong and there is a good chance you will understand what he’s saying, if you actually listen and try!

right way to be in a relationship

6. Expressing appreciation for the things they do to make you happy

If he’s gone out of his way to do things the way he knows you would like them, appreciate him for it. Even if it doesn’t always turn out the way you want, appreciate the fact that he’s trying!

7. Being honest about everything

Yes, even the smallest of things. You can’t keep them upto date on every minute detail of your life, but when something does come up, be completely open and honest about it. There is no point beating about the bush or trying to conceal things from someone you love.

right way to be in a relationship

8. Finding common interests

Get in the habit of finding and forming common interests and goals. If you’re spending all that time together, there ought to be things you enjoy doing together! If you don’t immediately know, experiment and you will eventually find things you can both enjoy together.

9. Making an effort with the people they love

Make an effort to get along with the people your partner loves. If he loves them, they’re a part of his life, as are you. Seeing you make an effort with them is bound to make him happy!

right way to be in a relationship

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