7 Indian TV Shows So Ridiculous That They Are Actually Hilarious

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Feb 8, 2021
7 Indian TV Shows So Ridiculous That They Are Actually Hilarious


It was in the early 2000s when the OG daily soap queen Ekta Kapoor became a household name, all thanks to her infamous K-dramas. Over the years, several similar shows were released and guess what all of them had in common? You guessed it right–an adarsh bahu (aka a spineless doormat), problematic husbands, and a sexist parivaar that was hell bent on glorifying patriarchal culture. But wait, that was all years ago. Surely the dynamics must have changed in two decades, right?

Well, it’s 2021 and we still have shows like Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 and Namak Issk Ka. And, here’s what their plots are all about–adarsh bahu, problematic husband, and sexist parivaar. Sounds familiar, right?

While the makers have been resolute in not changing the problemtic plots of these shows, they surely have made some changes to the logical aspects of these series. Yep, they have made it worse. If there was ever a scope of finding sense in these shows, it all flew away with Simar’s housefly avatar. These shows have become so embarrassing that we simply watch them to update our meme fodder. If you’re with us on this, check out these Indian TV shows that are so ridiculous that they’re hilarious.

7 Indian TV Shows To Make You Cringe Hard

If you love to rant while watching something utterly ridiculous or simply love to get a good laugh at everything cringey, here are some shows that will do the job for you.


Where do you see yourself in next five years? We don’t know about you but we surely see ourselves LOLing hard at Naagin’s 150th season! More than the plot, we simply cannot grasp the fact that the show ALWAYS returns with an even worse storyline than the previous one.

From embarrassing VFX effects and background music, the same-old ghisa-pita scheme of falling in love with your enemy, to the introduction of cheel, genies, and mongoose, Naagin franchise has done an amazing job at making us laugh on our lowest days.

Wait, the show is a supposed to be a thrilling fanstasy drama and not bad comedy? LOL!

Sasural Simar Ka

We would really take this opportunity to thank Sasural Simar Ka for the immense contribution it has made to our social media feed. If not for the show, our meme fodder wouldn’t be fun at all!

While the show started as a regular drama, it soon turned into a bad joke when we saw the protagonist turning into a fly and spirits turning into whatever the hell they wanted to… well you get the point. However, the OG magical element of the show being so ridiculous is not these characters but actually the OTT theatrical antics that baffle us every single time! Check out the video to know what we’re talking about!

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Gopi bahu and Kokilaben surely found out that it was Rashi who messed up with the pressure cooker, but we still cannot find any logic in the entire plot. Why was the entire family obsessing over one girl aka the legendary Gopi bahu? Why didn’t that woman ever speak for herself? Who dedicates an entire episode on chana and cooker? Why does this show have a sequel???



Nazar is a supernatural thriller show… well, at least that’s what the official synopsis of the show says. The show is about witches, evil eye, and black magic. Watch the show if you want to see OTT eye-rolls, hair braids floating around comically, and a rare mixed breed of snake and human known as Sarp. 

Ye Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka


The show is about jinn and humans with angelic powers. The show mastered the art of introducing a new shaitan in every other episode. Honestly, we could have still made our peace with the characters and everything else if they were not screaming spells that reminded us of Pikachu screaming Pika Pika.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

We really want to know the obsession of Colors channel with mixing up different genres. The makers turn a regular drama into ridiculous comedy and reality shows like Bigg Boss into scripted tragedy. Thapki Pyar Ki witnessed a similar fate when the makers decided that the show’s boring plot could be saved by a–wait for it–gorilla! And, not just any gorilla, but the one who falls in love with the protagonist. Seriously, love cannot be that blind, right?

Divya Drishti

The show is about two sisters–Divya and Drishti (wow how original, didn’t see that coming!). They were seperated in their childhood (thankfully not in a kumbh ka mela) and of course, had superpowers. But wait, we are just getting to the best part.

Guys, get over snakes, flies, and eagles ‘cus they’re too basic (even gorillas for that matter) and say hello to the new animal in the Indian television industry–lizard! Yep, a character in the show could legit turn into a lizard.

Dear Indian daily soap makers, please get over your obsession with these painfully ridiculous plots and stop converting Hindi TV series into low-key Animal Planet.


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