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Bella & Hailey Wearing Rhinestone Tattoos Is A 2000s Dream Come True

Bella & Hailey Wearing Rhinestone Tattoos Is A 2000s Dream Come True

Many of our ensembles are powered by charm-riddled chains encasing our waists and even piercings defining the navel. But models Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber just declared these spangles passé and modelled tattoos on their bodies — temporary, rhinestone-encrusted ones that were such a hit in the 00s. While some have condemned this trend, its resurgence has struck a chord with most. These tattoos are wearable, just the right amounts of extra, and easily removable.

Think about it. Euphoria-esque era has us fashioning our faces with light-reflecting gems, but this one’s one step further — with jewels trickling down our bodies, and swivelling down to our backs and hips. Ahead the trend, and the different ways everyone’s wearing these rhinestone-encrusted body tattoos.

For Those Of You Who Fear Commitment, Here’s A Trend You Might Like

Dua Lipa might have a monopoly over butterfly-shaped tops and headbands, but Bella just made butterfly-shaped tattoos hers. She modelled the tattoo on the waist, and the Internet declared the Y2K-esque addition so charming. This no-commitment body art has all the pros it’s eye-catching and temporary. Hailey joined in on the bandwagon too.


She accented her back with a more expansive butterfly-shaped tattoo. While the founder of Rhode has had no problem committing to ink in the past, she seems to display a proclivity for their temporary, high-shine counterparts as well. The trend has asserted itself on runways too: enter the recently-held New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023. Models have sashayed down the ramp with letters and bow-shaped rhinestones bedazzling the collarbones; wings spanning the back, and other shapes teasing the hip bone.

Notice the dainty bow encrusting the hip bone. This one’s our favourite iteration of the trend.

Look at how wearable these are. You can accessorise your hands and fingers with them as well. What’s your take on the trend?

Featured Image: Instagram

22 Sep 2022

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