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#TheGoodInfluencer: Rhea Kapoor Steps Up To Support Small Businesses Hit By COVID-19

#TheGoodInfluencer: Rhea Kapoor Steps Up To Support Small Businesses Hit By COVID-19

It’s been months since the pandemic entered our lives, disrupting livelihoods as its footprint increased with each passing day. The lockdown regulations, travel bans and cancellations only added to the woes of the many industries, newcomers and small businesses that were left to face bigger challenges than we ever imagined. 

Helping out in these dire times, the good Samaritans stepped up—from established industrialists to NGOs and a few Bollywood insiders—everyone has been pitching in to do their bit to help during this crisis. Joining others now with her new venture to help out is Rhea Kapoor.

A Step Towards Better Tomorrow

Recently, the stylist and producer shared the details of her latest project aimed to support upcoming entrepreneurs and new businesses during this difficult time. 

#TheGoodInfluencer Project

Rhea made an announcement on her Instagram. She wrote about how the pandemic has created unforeseen problems for new and upcoming labels that didn’t have the ample reach or resources to make things work during these times.

“As a fellow entrepreneur it breaks my heart to see small businesses suffer, so here it goes, let’s use our powers for good! #Thegoodinfluencer project wants to help you reach out! Let’s merge your talent and hard work and my platform and network to try to make this sucky situation better for everyone!” she wrote. She further elaborated that the project entails her using her reach to give a platform to these start-ups so that their voices are amplified. 

Here’s how #TheGoodInfluencer Project works: if you are a small or new business owner who has been impacted by the crisis, you can write to the team at goodinfluencerproject@gmail.com, telling your story and your plans for the times that lie ahead. If you happen to know of a business in the field of fashion, beauty or lifestyle that has been struggling during the coronavirus crisis, you can tag them on the post on the stylist’s Instagram (linked above in this story). The project also includes her approving samples of some products that might be shared, followed by gifting curated hampers to friends and family in the business for visibility to these upcoming labels. 

In just about two days, the post has attracted an overwhelming amount of response, with more than 7,000 businesses writing to Rhea, a point she made in her successive post. Take a look below.

If you are a new business or know of one, you know where to reach #TheGoodInfluencer Project. 

Featured Image: Instagram

02 Jul 2020

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