Rhea Kapoor Opens Up About Not Celebrating Karva Chauth With Hubby Karan & It Totes Makes Sense

Ravina SachdevRavina Sachdev  |  Oct 18, 2021
Rhea Kapoor Opens Up About Not Celebrating Karva Chauth With Hubby Karan & It Totes Makes Sense


In an industry where celebs often choose to not comment on certain matters, Rhea Kapoor’s attitude to speak her mind is a refreshing change. The celebrity stylist is quite vocal about the things that she feels strongly about and we admire her for it! 

Just yesterday, Rhea opened up about not celebrating a particular festival and we gotta give it to her for keeping it real always! She took to the ‘gram to share her views on Karva Chauth and here’s what she said. 

Rhea wrote, “Hi. Happy Sunday. Respectfully please don’t reach out to me for karva chauth gifting or collabs. It’s not something Karan or I believe in. We respect other couples who partake and can even enjoy the festivities while they do. It’s just not for me. Or us. So the last thing I want to do is promote something I don’t believe in and don’t really agree with the spirit it comes from.”

The stylist also added that few people have been calling her ‘silly’ for rejecting the idea of celebrating the festival. She explained, “For now I feel like if we take care of ourselves and each other we should be good. I only write this because it seems random strangers feel the need to aggressively convince me that I’m being ‘silly’, ‘have to do it’, ‘it’s my first’. No, thank you. let’s move on? If you read this thank you for giving a sh*t. I hope you enjoy your Sunday.” Major respect to you, Rhea! 


Karva Chauth is a festival celebrated by married women, in which they observe a fast for their partners. Women wake up at 4 AM to eat sargi (sweet and savoury dishes), after which they aren’t allowed to eat or drink anything throughout the day until moonrise. Post that, they worship the moon and their husbands before they can finally eat. The entire idea behind the festival is for women to pray for the long life and well-being of their husbands. 

TBH, we fail to understand why a woman has to go the entire day without eating or drinking anything just so her husband can live longer? And it’s not just us, more and more women are beginning to understand the myths and blind faith related to Karva Chauth and choosing to not participate in the festival. 

Instead of forcing women to follow an age-old tradition or calling them silly if they choose not to, let’s encourage them to be independent and carve their own paths. 

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