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Here’s What We Have To Say About The Patanjali Products We Tried!

Here’s What We Have To Say About The Patanjali Products We Tried!

If you needed a little convincing to switch up your chemical-laden skincare and beauty routine, might we introduce you to the world of Ayurveda? Patanjali Ayurved has a whole range of products with natural ingredients at your disposal. You could be using all-natural ingredients on your hair, face and body and save tons of money too. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

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What is Ayurveda?

What is Ayurveda, patanjali products

Definitely not a new concept, Ayurveda is an ancient healing form that originated in the Vedic period over 5000 years ago in India. It is a healing form that helps your mind, body soul and senses using all-natural, herbal and holistic practices. Even though Ayurveda has its roots in India, it is now practiced the world over. Ask your NRI aunties and uncles and I bet they’re going to tell you a few of their must-have ayurvedic products. Ayurveda is considered to be the science of life in its literal sense, Ayur means life and Veda means science. Ayurveda focuses on healing using natural remedies. It encourages you to adopt natural means to live life on a daily basis and turn to mother nature for healing. A lot of modern medicine too relies on ancient Ayurvedic practices. If you’re suffering from an ailment that modern medicine hasn’t been able to cure, it might be worth your time to give Ayurveda a shot.

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The Doshas

Remember what the cartoon Captain Planet taught us? Earth, air, fire, water and wind – the five most important elements on earth. Ayurveda too relies on those functional energies. These are called the Doshas in Ayurveda; it is believed that these energies are present in all human beings and the quantity of these energies in each of us is what determines one’s character. The human body has three doshas – Vata (wind), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (earth). The practice of Ayurveda is both preventative and a healing one based on each individual’s Doshas. Its main aim is to sync your internal energies with the external ones. There are many ways that one can adopt Ayurveda into their daily lives. Diet, yoga, meditation are some of the common forms. While bringing these practices into our daily lives may seem a little difficult, one can always turn to a more holistic approach to life.

Benefits of Ayurveda

Benefits of Ayurveda, patanjali products

Ayurveda has numerous benefits for the mind and the body. It focuses on identifying the root cause of disease or trouble. Unlike modern medicine, there is no concept of labeling diseases and prescribing medication. An Ayurvedic practitioner will work with each person as an individual and customize a holistic healing method based on their problems. Some of the main benefits of Ayurveda are as follows:

  • A unique wellness solution to help your mind, body and soul without harsh medication
  • Since Ayurveda uses natural solutions, it’s safe and free of any adverse side-effects
  • It focuses on healing you from the inside and out as an individual while getting rid of a disease
  • It reduces stress and anxiety and equips you to deal with it better
  • It cleanses your body of any toxins internally and externally
  • It helps you sleep better by curing insomnia
  • It brings you closer to mother nature for solutions to problems and diseases.
  • It minimizes inflammation in your body and improves your immune system
  • It helps prevent diseases
  • It improves the quality of your skin and hair

How should one use Ayurveda in everyday life?

How should one use Ayurveda in everyday life, patanjali products

Start by eliminating toxins from your life and the easiest way to do this would be to live clean, eat well, use organic products. There are a lot of Ayurvedic products available in India but amongst all the herbal and ayurvedic brands, Patanjali has emerged as one of the most loved. It comes as no surprise though, Patanjali Ayurved has a whole range of herbal and ayurvedic products for anybody who is looking to have a cleaner approach to living.
If you’re wondering, Patanjali was founded by Baba Ramdev in 2006 and soon became one of India’s most popular Ayurvedic products. The demand for their products is so high that they even retail internationally. The company is among the top in the beauty and skincare circle too making it a tough competitor in the FMCG space. From edible foods to makeup – Patanjali has a product for each and every one.

Pros and Cons of Ayurvedic Products

No harmful chemicalsShorter shelf life
No side effectsLesser variety of products
Use natural ingredientsThe texture might be different from regular products
Better for your mind and bodyMay not smell great

Best Patanjali Products in India

Patanjali has a whole array of products ranging from skincare, haircare, home care, childcare and even food grains, spices and packaged food. Anything under the sun that you would be looking for would probably be available with them. Unlike other herbal and ayurvedic brands, Patanjali products are very affordable. We have found some of the best Patanjali products across all the various categories and listed them down for you with their ingredients, benefits and uses. You can go through the list and read the ingredients and decide which products you want to buy.

Best Patanjali Skin Care and Body Care Products

Using an all-natural skincare product is the best way to treat and calm your skin of any inflammation. If you have skin issues like acne, dry skin, dull skin and fungal infections, an ayurvedic all-natural product will really benefit you. Check out the list of Patanjali products for skincare.

Patanjali Saundarya Aloe Vera Gel Kesar Chandan (Rs 50)

Patanjali Saundarya Aloe Vera Gel Kesar Chandan

Ingredients: Kesar (saffron), Aloe Vera, Sandalwood
Buy Here. 

Uses Of Patanjali Saundarya Aloe Vera Gel Kesar Chandan

Aloe vera is one of mother nature’s most healing plants. You can use it externally or consume the gel from the plant internally. Either way, it’s extremely beneficial to your body and skin. Aloe vera gel is a great option to apply on your skin for hydration. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that soothe and beautify the skin. It is beneficial in the treatment and prevention of acne and psoriasis and other skin infections. This particular aloe vera gel also consists of saffron and sandalwood extract. Saffron has amazing healing properties in itself. It’s used for proving your skin with a luminous glow and sandalwood helps lighten, brighten and de-tan your skin. It helps fade pigmentation, blemishes and any dark spots on your skin and reverses sun damage. It is also known to ward of acne-causing bacteria and keep your skin’s oil production under control. A blend of these 3 potent ingredients is absolutely perfect to combat any kind of problematic skin. Use it on your face or body and hair as many times as required. It will hydrate and repair dry skin and hair. Store it in the fridge for an added cooling and depuffing effect.

Patanjali Lip Balm Strawberry (Rs 25)

Patanjali Lip Balm Strawberry

Ingredients: Natural Waxes, Vitamin E, Strawberry extract
Buy Here.

Uses Of Patanjali Lip Balm Strawberry

This Patanjali Lip Balm has a mild tint and a soft strawberry fragrance. It’s made using all-natural ingredients and it’s perfect for winter or summer. If you work in an air-conditioned environment, your lips tend to get dry throughout the day. Use an all-natural lip balm to rid your lips of any cracks and flaky skin. This lip balm has a light tint, making it perfect to wear under lipstick or alone. It’s one of those gems you can rely on to ensure that your lips are soft and kissable, come summer or winter. You can even use it around the cuticles on your hands and feet at night to get rid of any dryness there.

Patanjali Saundarya Face Wash (Rs 90)

Patanjali Saundarya Face Wash

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Neem, Tulsi, Orange Peel, Glycerin, Vitamin E
Buy Here.

Uses Of Patanjali Saundarya Face Wash

A face wash that consists of natural ingredients is best suited for skin that is sensitive and prone to irritation and inflammation. Some face washes are very harsh and contain ingredients like detergent and chemicals that make them extra foamy. These kinds of face wash really dry out your skin and strip it of its natural oil. This imbalance of oil on your skin is usually the cause of most of your skin problems like acne, dry skin, pigmentation, etc. This Patanjali Soundarya face wash has healing and nourishing ingredients that cleanse and purify your skin without stripping it of its natural moisture. Neem and tulsi cleanse and disinfect your skin. They also help ward off acne and keeps other bacteria away from your face while Vitamin E and glycerin put the moisture back into your skin and make it soft and supple. Orange peel extract lightly exfoliates your skin and gets rid of blemishes, tan and dark spots. Use the face wash daily twice a day to keep your face clean and clear!

Patanjali Face Pack Multani Mitti (Rs 60)

Patanjali Face Pack Multani Mitti

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Fullers Earth (Multani Mitti), Mixed Clay
Buy Here.

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Uses Of Patanjali Face Pack Multani Mitti

Multani mitti, also known as, fuller’s earth is full of minerals that repair, rejuvenate and heal the skin. It helps get rid of acne, bring a glow to your skin, fade blemishes and brighten and soften your face. It’s a mud face mask that one can apply daily, weekly or as required. Multani Mitti also helps rid your skin of any dead skin cells, making it soft to the touch. If you have oily skin, using a Multani mitti mask regularly will help keep your skin clean and oil-free. It also has a deep pore cleansing action. This Multani mitti face mask has aloe vera, multani mitti and a mixed clay to benefit your skin. Store the face pack in the fridge and apply it to clean skin. Apply a thin layer and leave it on for 10-15 minutes until it dries. Wash it off with lukewarm water. Massage your face in circular motions. This benefits your skin in two ways – exfoliates your skin and improves blood circulation and boosts your skin’s glow. You can use it twice a week, or as required.

Patanjali Body Ubtan (Rs 60)

Patanjali Body Ubtan

Ingredients: Masur Dal, Urad Dal, Jau, Chaval, Almond Powder, Vitamin E
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Uses Of Patanjali Body Ubtan

An ubtan is a secret Indian recipe made using all-natural ingredients. Think dals, flours, and turmeric. It’s one of the oldest and most natural ways of exfoliation and hair removal that has been practiced. Ubtan has numerous benefits for the health of your skin. It is often used as a replacement for body soap. In olden times, people would bathe with a mixture of this paste instead of soap and it is known to keep your skin spotless, soft and hair-free. You can add milk, rose water, cream or even lime juice to the ubtan powder to make a paste of it. Apply it on damp skin while you are in the shower and massage it in for 3-5 minutes all over your body. Use this in place of soap. You can use it every day or once a week. If you want to use it as a face and body mask, you can do that too. Apply on dry skin as a mask for 15-20 minutes before you shower. Leave it on to dry and massage in circular motions under lukewarm water to take it off. Your skin will be exfoliated and rejuvenated with regular use and it will also reduce the hair growth on your body. Keep this ubtan handy, it’s a perfect pre-bridal or pre-wedding treatment you should indulge your skin in every once in a while before an important event.

Patanjali Anti Wrinkle Cream (Rs 150)

Patanjali Anti Wrinkle Cream

Ingredients: Almond oil, Wheat Oil, Fruit Extract, Cucumber and aloe vera essence
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Uses Of Patanjali Anti Wrinkle Cream 

If you are over 25, you could consider using anti-aging creams. This is the age when lines and wrinkles start forming and you can actively keep them away by using the right products. However, a lot of anti-aging products are usually loaded with artificial ingredients. This anti-aging cream from Patanjali has all-natural extracts of almond oil, wheat oil, and fruit extracts. All these natural extracts work together to soothe and repair your skin. It is helpful in repairing age and sun damage caused to your skin. With time, it even helps control blackheads, whiteheads, acne, blemishes and age spots. Use it morning and night for a few months. The cream also reduces wrinkles, blackheads, and spots on the face to give it a clean and creamy look.

Patanjali Sun Screen Cream (Rs 100)

Patanjali Sun Screen Cream

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Wheat oil, Coconut oil, Cucumber extracts, Fenugreek, Turmeric
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Uses Of Patanjali Sun Screen Cream

Sunscreen is definitely a product you should be using every day. What better sunscreen than a herbal and ayurvedic one? This Sun Screen Cream from Patanjali contains ingredients like turmeric and wheat oil to soothe and heal your skin while keeping it protected from the sun. Turmeric also helps ward off acne and other inflammations. Whenever you use sunscreen, please remember to reapply it every 2-3 hours for the best effect.

Patanjali Saundarya Coco Body Butter Cream (Rs 425)

Patanjali Saundarya Coco Body Butter Cream

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, Shea Butter, Almond oil, Coconut oil, Avocado, Aloe Vera
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Uses Of Patanjali Saundarya Coco Body Butter Cream

Dry, dull skin is the worst to deal with. Winter and weather change usually cause your skin to get dry and flaky. Weekly exfoliation followed by a nourishing body butter treatment once every night will keep your skin from getting dry and scaly. This Patanjali Saundarya Coco Body Butter will leave your skin feeling super soft, hydrated and smooth. It’s all-natural ingredients absorb into your skin creating a blanket layer of moisture over it. It’s perfect to be used all year round for dry skin types. Normal and oily skin types can use it during winter to keep their skin shiny and smooth.

Patanjali Crack Heal Cream (Rs 60)

Patanjali Anti Wrinkle Cream

Ingredients: Made of 23 herbal extracts and healing oils
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Uses Of Patanjali Crack Heal Cream

Moisturizing skin on your feet is very important to keep your feet looking good. The skin on your palms and feet is different from the rest of your body which means moisturising it is hard. A special hand and foot cream is perfect to maintain the softness of the skin on your feet. This Patanjali crack heel cream will heal any cracked and chapped feet from wearing too many slippers and it will even moisturize any dry skin on your feet. Apply it daily at night and put on socks before you sleep. It will reduce your dependency on needing to get monthly pedicures!

Patanjali Divya Gulab Jal (Rs 28)

Patanjali Divya Gulab Jal

Ingredients: Rosewater
Buy Here.

Uses Of Patanjali Divya Gulab Jal

Rosewater has so many uses! You can use it in your face packs, and body masks. You can use it as a facial spray and you can even use it to set your makeup. When used as a toner, it will cleanse calm and soothe your skin. You can even use it as eye drops. I’m sure that’s not something you knew about rose water. This natural astringent has cooling and healing properties that help people with skin problems like dryness, dullness and oily skin and even acne.

Patanjali Peedantak Oil (Rs 60)

Patanjali Peedantak Oil

Ingredients: Peedantak Oil, Lasuna Oil, Malkangni Oil, Guggul Extract, Rasna, Nirgundi Extract, Arkpatra Extract, Divya Dhara, Gandhapura Oil
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Uses Of Patanjali Peedantak Oil

If you are suffering from any kind of muscle pain or post-injury pain, use this body massage oil for quick relief. It relieves all kinds of aches and pains and nourishes your skin. The oil is found very useful in people who suffer from conditions like joint pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, spondylitis and gout, etc. Massage this oil into any areas that hurt and cover it with some warm clothing. The heat from the oil will soothe and relieve any muscle pains.

Patanjali Advanced Dant Kanti Manjan (Rs 90)

Patanjali Advanced Dant Kanti Manjan

Ingredients: Neem, Vajradanti, Bakul, Harar, Vidang, Babool, Piloo, Tommar, Pudina, Lavang, Haldi, Pipalichoti, Akarkara, Dalchini, Mulethi, Khadir, Apamarg, Adrak, Badielaichi, Kali Mirch, Ajowan, Kasni, Sfatikbhasma, Sandha Namak, Dhamasha
Buy Here.

This is basically the Ayurvedic version of toothpaste. Made with a blend of 26 powerful herbs and plants, this Dant Manjan needs to be used regularly in place of your toothpaste. It keeps your mouth fresh and clean and wards away dental issues like pyorrhoea, gingivitis, halitosis, periodontal disease, toothache, bad breath, spongy gums and gingival bleeding. Use it with a toothbrush or massage your teeth and gums using your finger for about 5 minutes. Gargle as you would normally. You could use this twice a day to improve the strength and luster of your teeth.

Patanjali Home Care Products

If you are looking for some products to eliminate the harmful chemicals present in common household cleaning products, Patanjali has every product to satisfy your cleaning needs. Dishwash gel to detergent and toilet cleaner, the brand has all the herbal solutions you need.

Patanjali Herbal Wash Detergent Powder (Rs 25)

Patanjali Herbal Wash Detergent Powder Ingredients: Rose, Neem, Citrus, Detergent base
Buy Here.

Uses Of Patanjali Herbal Wash Detergent Powder

With neem and rose, this cost-effective detergent powder helps clean your clothes while getting rid of any bacteria. Use it to hand wash your clothes or even to wash them in the machine. They will come out smelling pleasant and fresh.

Patanjali Aloe Vera Hand Wash (Rs 60)

Patanjali Aloe Vera Hand Wash

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Hand wash base
Buy Here.

Uses Of Patanjali Aloe Vera Hand Wash

A hand wash is essential in every household. We often neglect to understand that we eat with our hands. Any chemicals from a regular hand wash can easily be passed on to our bodies. This hand wash is gentle and enriched with aloe vera to cleanse and moisturise your hands.

Patanjali Pristine Kitchen Cleaner (Rs 85)

Patanjali Pristine Kitchen Cleaner

Uses Of Patanjali Pristine Kitchen Cleaner

This kitchen cleaner is perfect for cleaning all the surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom. It removes all the oil dirt and gunk trapped in corners and on countertops and on your taps. It’s chemical-free making it safe to use in a sacred space as your kitchen!

Buy Here.

Patanjali Haircare Products

The Patanjali hair care products are a great way to supplement your hair and scalp troubles. They have all natural organic ingredients that will help promote the growth of your hair, inhibit scalp infections and reduce premature greying. Use them on a regular basis for a healthy scalp and a glossy mane.

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Oil (Rs 250)

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Oil

Ingredients: Ghrit kumari, Wheat germ oil, Sunflower oil, Bhringraj, Gudhul, Brahmi, Amla, Mehendi, Neem leaf, Baheda, Harar(big), Giloy, Jatamansi, Haldi, Nagkesar, Bakuchi, Gurhal pusp, Charela, Yashti madhu, anantmool, Coconut oil, Sesame oil
Buy Here.

Uses Of Patanjali Kesh Kanti Oil

If hair fall, premature graying, dandruff and scalp troubles are things you can relate to then you would enjoy using this all herbal hair oil. With all these highly beneficial ingredients present in it, Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Oil provides deep nourishment. It will strengthen your hair from the roots and get rid of any bacterial infections on your scalp. Use it on your lengths and the oil will soften and detangle your hair and add make it shiny and lustrous.

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Reetha (Rs 85)

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Reetha

Ingredients: Mehendi, Shikakai, Ritha, Neem, Bakuchi, Turmeric, Neem, Aloe Vera, Kesh Kanti
Buy Here.

Uses Of Patanjali Kesh Kanti Reetha 

The perfect way to supplement a champi session would be to use a hair cleanser or a shampoo with all-natural ingredients. This hair cleanser has neem, aloe vera and shikaai among others to help cleanse and moisturise your hair. Neem and turmeric help treat dandruff and other scalp infections and the aloe vera and Shikai condition and provide a sheen to your hair!

Our Verdict – We reviewed!

We decided to go out and buy 11 products and review them for you! The brand’s USP is creating affordable and all-natural products – but are they really doing that? Read these Pantajali beauty products reviews and make an informed decision before buying them. Happy shopping! 

Aloe Vera Kanti Soap

“I’ve been using the aloe vera soap from Patanjali for a week now. It’s pretty basic – cleanses as well as any particular soap. However, it doesn’t have the cooling effect I usually associate with a product that comprises aloe extract as an ingredient. And it leaves my skin a little drier than I am used to after my shower – not as hydrating as I had expected it to be.” 

– Pradipta Sarkar, Managing Editor

Price: Rs 65 for 5. Buy it here. 

Kesh Kanti Natural Shampoo

“The Kesh Kanti hair cleanser is a fairly decent product. It’s not only easy on the pocket, but it also did a great job of bringing my hair back to life. What I love about the shampoo is that it looks like honey, and it has a very natural and fresh scent to it. It improved my hair’s texture and minimized the traces of dirt and dandruff. Plus, the packaging is travel-friendly!” – Sharon Alphonso, Lifestyle & Beauty Writer “I have very fine hair that’s not very voluminous. The hair cleanser was too mild and failed to even cleanse my hair of grime and dirt. My hair used to stay just as sticky as before, even after I washed it with good doses of the cleanser, sometimes even twice.” – Neha Gupta, Senior Lifestyle Writer “I used Patanjali Kesh Kanti Natural Hair Cleanser and found it to be an effective shampoo. My hair felt light and well-conditioned. I would definitely recommend this to someone who has dry hair.” – Saket Jain, Lead Android Engineer “I have used this Patanjali hair cleanser for almost a month during the monsoons. My hair felt cleaner and bouncier on some days, and on the rest of the days, this shampoo made my hair dry. So judging by the overall experience, it didn’t work for me.”

– Apoorva Gupta, Editorial Coordinator

Price: Rs 75. Buy it here

Aloe Vera Gel

“I used Patanjali’s Aloe Vera face gel for a month. But I noticed an increase in the number of pimples. Also, my skin was more oily – exactly the opposite of what I had expected from the product. My overall experience of the face gel wasn’t that great.”

– Sonali Pawar, Editorial Coordinator

Price: Rs 80. Buy it here

Moisturizer Cream

“The result of using this cream was actually quite impressive. It has a wonderful fragrance that lingers on for quite some time. It spreads easily and applying a small quantity leaves my hands feeling smooth and soft.” – Manika Parasher, Lifestyle Writer & Copy Editor “I really liked it because I tend to have oily skin in the summer (especially the T-zone) but this moisturizer has behaved well with my skin. I got no pimples after using this cream; something that has happened when I’ve used other lotions. I use it in the morning when I’m heading out and I don’t have to re-apply it all day after that. The texture is really nice, thick, smooth and consistent. It smells wonderful too.”

– Sneha Manandhar, Lifestyle Writer

Price: Rs 75. Buy it here

Herbal Kajal

“The only good thing about this kajal is that it’s highly pigmented. From there on, it’s all downhill – the kajal is too soft, it doesn’t glide on your waterline with ease, it breaks and smudges very, very easily. I would give it a 0 on 10, and wouldn’t recommend it at all.”

– Sanya Jain, Beauty Writer & Copy Editor

Price: Rs 90. Buy it here

Honey Orange Face Wash

“This face wash has a really nice and citrusy fragrance. The consistency is perfect and it lathers easily. However, use this product only if you have oily skin. I have dry skin, and after using it, my skin felt really dry and tight. I don’t see myself exchanging my regular face wash for this, and I feel like the packaging should have mentioned that this is good only for oily skin.” – Sanya Jain, Beauty Writer & Copy Editor “My skin is generally oily in the summers and quite dry in the winters so I stick to this one particular face wash. However, I decided to try the Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash and I wasn’t disappointed. I have a very neutral view of it. It didn’t give me the best results nor did it do anything negative to my skin.”

– Sneha Manandhar, Lifestyle Writer

Price: Rs 60. Buy it here

Gulab Jal

“I regularly use Patanjali’s rose water with face packs and also as a toner. I have super oily and acne-prone skin, which is also very sensitive. But this rose water and Patanjali’s Aloe Vera-Mint Face Wash are amazing in dealing with it. I am happy with the results.”

– Garima Singh, Hindi Writer

Price: Rs 28. Buy it here

Kesh Kanti Reetha Shampoo

“The hair cleanser has a nice fruity scent but in terms of application, it produces less lather than the shampoo I had been using earlier. It cleans my hair but the results are nothing out of the world. Also, after I had purchased and used it, I noticed that it contains Diazolidinyl Urea* as a base material, and I am not sure that I should be subjecting my hair to that.”  * Diazolidinyl Urea is a formaldehyde releaser that is found in most cosmetic products. You can read more about formaldehyde and its side effects here.

– Manika Parasher, Lifestyle Writer & Copy Editor

Price: Rs 85. Buy it here

Saundarya Mysore Super Sandal Body Cleanser

“I have never used soap with such long-lasting fragrance. Not just my body but even my bathroom was left smelling like sandalwood for the rest of the day. The soap didn’t have any side effects on my skin, though I am still doubtful of the amount of sandalwood and aloe vera that was used in its making since the ingredients don’t mention any even though the name does. Overall, though, I don’t have any complaints.”

– Isheeta Sharma, Lifestyle Writer

Price: Rs 38. Buy it here

Apricot Face Scrub

“I used the Patanjali Apricot Face Scrub. To start with, it’s extremely mild. I don’t usually use a face scrub more than once a week, but this one can easily be used every other day since it doesn’t feel harsh on the face. The texture is creamy and forms a soft creamy layer on your face once you apply it, and that feels good! The scrub beads, however, are not too gritty and might not be ideal to get rid of white/blackheads. I would say it’s a decent product but it’s not something I will specially go and buy again.”

– Manasvi Jaitly, Wedding Writer

Price: Rs 60. Buy it here

Strawberry Lip Balm

“I have very dry and chapped lips, and this lip balm did a decent job of moisturizing them. The only thing I didn’t like too much was the consistency – it was too thin. Also, it’s marketed as a strawberry lip balm, but the list of ingredients doesn’t mention strawberries, only artificial strawberry fragrance. This is not something I expected from a brand that markets itself as an all-natural, organic one. ”

– Sanya Jain, Beauty Writer & Copy Editor

Price: Rs 25. Buy it here

Our Verdict:

Like it is with all beauty products, the way Patanjali beauty products work for you depends largely upon the kind of skin or hair you have. Our Editorial Coordinator, Sonali, for example, was not impressed with the Aloe Vera Gel, but I know a few people who swear by it. So go ahead and buy these products if you want to see how they work for you – they won’t burn a hole in your pocket for sure! But don’t expect a sea change in how you look. 

26 Jul 2016

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