Reverse Cat Eyeliner VS The Classic Wing: Find Out What Works Best For Your Eye Shape

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Sep 28, 2021
Reverse Cat Eyeliner VS The Classic Wing: Find Out What Works Best For Your Eye Shape


We all recognise the power of eyeliner- it is almost impossible to exclude it from a makeup look. From kohl-rimmed eyes to retro winged liner, you can’t help but gravitate towards using eyeliner to draw attention to your eyes, irrespective of whether the rest of your makeup is bold or au naturel. The idea is to not let your eyes get overwhelmed by the rest of your makeup. In that case, it is equally important to identify an eyeliner style you can turn to when in doubt.

For most of us it is the classic winged eyeliner style that takes the cake, but dare we suggest the revived reverse cat eyeliner trend to be a strong contender. After all, different eye shapes can benefit more from one style than the other. So, when it’s down to upper lash line definition or lower lash line definition, which do you choose? Let’s find out.

Reverse Cat Eyeliner VS The Classic Wing

Which of these styles will elevate your eye makeup game?

Reverse Cat Eyeliner

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, reverse cat eyeliner is a rendition of your regular cat eyeliner style; it is just reversed so that it defines your lower lash lines instead of the upper lash lines. The reverse cat eyeliner style is trending this season because it makes for a striking impact that is unmatched. It is more fierce in form than a regular cat winged eyeliner which is more elegant. The reverse cat eyeliner makes complete use of the lower lash lines and sometimes features just a bit of tight-lining for the upper lash lines.

Best Suited Style For Small Eye Shapes

If your eyes are relatively smaller in size, your eye shape can benefit from carefully placed eyeliner. Hooded eyes usually fall under small eye shapes and the characteristics of this shape is more sunken in the eye socket; this causes the upper lids to have lesser space. Even shapes like monolids or deep-set eyes are small eye shapes that require extra skill when it comes to eyeliner. While classic winged eyeliner works for small eye shapes too, it is important to keep the liner super fine so that it is more visible and doesn’t hog up the visible parts of your upper lids. Reverse cat eyeliner can prove to be your saving grace as it makes use of the lower lash lines which is more visible in smaller eye shapes. Reverse cat eyeliner will be easily visible and you can go as bold with it as you like.

The Classic Wing

Classic winged liner is drawn on the upper lash lines and, as the name suggests, it is a trend that has been used for decades. Classic wings are perfect for soft, au naturel makeup looks and for when you wish to make your lashes look thicker and upper lash line more prominent. Classic winged liner is the style of choice for many makeup looks ranging from natural to glamorous. 

Best Suited Style For Large Eye Shapes

If your eyes are large, almost any eyeliner style can work in your favour. Be it almond, round, upward or downward eye shapes, both of these popular eyeliner trends can work like magic. As you may have lots of room on your lids, bold classic wings work best. Even the reverse cat eyeliner style can make rounded eyes sharper and add lift to large eye shapes.

Tell us which eyeliner trend you’re favouring this season.

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