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The Best Beginner-Friendly Retinol Skincare Finds To Add To Your Stash

The Best Beginner-Friendly Retinol Skincare Finds To Add To Your Stash

Let’s be honest — not everyone is a fan of retinol. Reason being many find this active element to be quite harsh and often report that it causes skin purging. While it may sound uncomfortable, skin purging occurs when your skin is being influenced by active ingredients (like retinol or vitamin C) to increase cell turnover. Dryness or breakouts are common concerns when you’re undergoing this transformation but it is only temporary and stops when your skin is adjusted to the active ingredient. Admittedly, this process does sound slightly frightening to people who are new to modern skincare solutions but it doesn’t have to be.

There is still a way to reap the benefits of active ingredients like retinol without encountering any side effects. That’s right! Opting for products with the right concentration of retinol that is super beginner-friendly, along with hydrating ingredients in the formulations is the best way forward. So if you too want acne, excess, oil, dullness, wrinkles, dark circles, dark spots, and uneven skin tone to leave you alone, try these beginner-friendly retinol-infused skincare products available in India.

5 Beginner-Friendly Retinol Skincare Products Available In India


Foam Fam

If you’ve had a bad experience with retinol or simply have heard horror stories about it, give this retinol face wash a try and it will without a doubt change your mind. This retinol-infused face wash gives a rich foam that easily spreads on your skin. The foam may be light but it deep cleanses and exfoliates. It helps remove deep-rooted impurities and also controls excess oil production. You will feel squeaky clean after using this face wash. Since the retinol in this face wash isn’t on your face for more than a minute it is safe to use on all skin types and will not cause any irritation.

Misty Moves

Welcome plump and hydrated skin on the go with this retinol face mist. It can be spritzed on your skin to rejuvenate and refresh in a jiffy. Infused with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, E and other botanical extracts, the formula is very hydrating and soothing while targeting skin concerns like dullness and excess sebum production. This face mist also works like a toner and shrinks enlarged pores while purifying them so that they are free of bacteria. It makes you appear more youthful and can be applied on clean skin, over makeup, or after a sweat-inducing workout for an instant glow-up.

Target Locked

Retinol is most effective in serum form but not all retinol serum works on all skin types without causing irritation. Luckily this 2.5% retinol serum infused with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E is well balanced and absolutely soothing on the skin. It works on reducing dullness, dark circles, dark spots, acne scars, enlarged pores, and uneven skin tone with regular use. It even contains natural ingredients like aloe vera and jojoba oil so you know your skin is in trustworthy and natural care. This serum gets absorbed by the skin quickly and should be applied only on clean skin at night. Following it up with a moisturiser is essential if you wish to completely avoid any presumed side effects like dryness or breakouts.

Skin Conditioner

Still not ready to leave retinol on your skin overnight? Try this retinol face mask that gives you all the skincare benefits in a span of minutes. Formulated to plump up your skin and prevent sagginess, wrinkles, dark spots, and uneven skin tone, this retinol mask will pamper your skin and rejuvenate it almost instantaneously. Yes, you will have to use this mask once a week regularly for major results, but you will see an improvement in your skin condition from the very first use. It reverses the signs of ageing and sun damage and brings out your natural radiance with a clear complexion. To use, apply an even layer of the mask on your skin and allow it to dry. Wash it off later and tone and moisturise.

Night Mode

If using serums, mists, or masks enriched with retinol is too confusing, this retinol night cream is a simple and straightforward solution. The deeply nourishing cream formula is instantly absorbed by the skin and you will notice your skin appears more plump and hydrated. The cream contains ingredients like niacinamide which helps heal breakouts, shea butter that deeply moisturises, aloe vera and calendula which is soothing and hydrating amongst other nourishing elements like hyaluronic acid and vitamins. Your skin will be kept hydrated with ideal moisture levels throughout the night so that you can wake up to younger and plumper-looking skin.

These beginner-friendly retinol skincare products will convince you to begin using this active ingredient daily. Because frankly speaking the skincare benefits are too good to pass up on.

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16 Aug 2022

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