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FINALLY! Research Says Adults Should Wake Up LATE!!

FINALLY! Research Says Adults Should Wake Up LATE!!

Remember those dreaded weekdays when we’d have to wake up really early for school? Bet you do! (Of course, not to forget the dreaded weekdays now when we have to wake up early so that we don’t look like we jumped straight out of bed and into the office.) A scientist in the UK has discovered that waking up later and starting the school day at 10 a.m. could have HUGE benefits for adolescents. And that, in fact, as we grow older, we have a late-running biological clock. Huh! What crap luck for this piece of news to come AFTER we’ve passed out of school! But hey, if this does come into play in India, we’d totes not show up at work before 11! Here’s what we’d do instead if we COULD afford to wake up that late… (#Sigh!)

1. Have Coffee…At 2 a.m.!

Because you can wake up at 10 a.m., and STILL get 8 hours of sleep!

1 Coffee wake up late

2. Join A Gym…

…NOT!! We’d totally bum out at home till it was time to get to work. Yay!!


2 Gym wake up late

3. Bonk!

There’s absolutely nothing that wakes you up like morning sex. And if work doesn’t start till much later, breakfast in bed can follow… *Wink*

3 Bonk wake up late

4. Eat A BIG Dinner

And we mean the kind after which you can’t move! If there’s more time to sleep and digest your meal, why worry?


4 Dinner wake up late

5. Drink Wine At Breakfast!!!

Do not listen to people who tell you you can’t drink in the day, OR in the morning. In fact, un-friend them and their wise pearls of wisdom. Because drunks don’t make much sense do they?

7 Alcohol wake up late

6. Think Up Some Super Excuses

Why waste those precious couple of hours on being efficient? If an empty mind is the devil’s workshop, we’re the devil’s minions!! We’d spend time coming up with a list of excuses to use for when we want to avoid being somewhere. Win-win!!


5 Excuses option 2 wake up late

7. Make Prank Calls

Who said prank calls belong in the 1990s? Armed with an array of apps that let your number remain private, you could call up friends and bug them. Don’t stretch it, though – this could mean jail time. For real!

6 Prank calls wake up late

8. Just. Sleep.

Because, you know, when we sleep, we dream. And our dreams are sometimes way more fun and exciting than having to wake up and do blah-blah-blah through the day. 🙂


GIFs: Tumblr

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05 May 2016

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