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14 Super Cute Relationship Goals To Achieve With Him!

14 Super Cute Relationship Goals To Achieve With Him!

Every couple should have a set of relationship goals. These goals could be small things like fun activities or just being crazy together. While you both live these moments together, you are strengthening your bond and also creating beautiful memories. Here are a few adorable relationship goals which all couples should aim at achieving!

1. #Netflix&Chill

There is no better way to spend time with your partner than watching a TV show or a movie together. Just cuddling next to each other and enjoying each other’s company feels awesome. And, if you both feel so comfortable with each other that you do not even feel like going out, you both have already unlocked a relationship goal.


1 relationship goals to achieve with him

2. #TravelTales

It is always great to visit new places together and create memories. Traveling together will help both of you get to know each other even better – you will discover each other’s strengths, weaknesses and will also learn how to understand and adjust with each other.


3. #SweetMemories

Yes, your heart and brain does remember all your memories, but wouldn’t it be amazing to collect all these memories together and keep them with you always? For instance, collect all your movie tickets and click a picture each time you both are out together. Imagine how sweet it would be to look back on these memorable moments of your relationship.

3 relationship goals to achieve with him


4. #Stargazing

Remember that scene from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara when Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif spent their evening under the night sky? Watching the sky with your loved one and appreciating the world around you will be beautiful. At that moment, you will realise how much you both mean to each other.

5. #MutualWeirdness

Being completely weird around each other and not bothered about being judged means you both are extremely comfortable around each other. Weird dance moves! Weird selfies! Weird screenshots!


5 relationship goals to achieve with him

6. #Surprises

Never let your relationship become dull and make sure you both always plan sweet surprises for each other. It is the effort that you both put into planning the surprise that would go a long way in your relationship.


7. #CodeLanguage

Having a secret language between the two of you shows that you both have formed a secret and private world of your own, where only the two of you understand your code language. It is one of the cutest relationship goals to have a secret language of your own where you both can have inside jokes and have an entire conversation without anyone understanding anything.

7 relationship goals to achieve with him


8. #FamilyBonds

It is important to spend time with each other’s families and give them importance too. If you have reached that level of comfort with his family where you can spend time with them without him being around, then you have reached another level of your relationship goals with him!



9. #AlwaysTogether

You both should be able to sit next to each other and continue doing your own thing without being uncomfortable. He can continue watching his favorite movie while you can continue reading your book. It is nice to be together while still doing what you want to do.

9 relationship goals to achieve with him


10. #Babysit

Taking care of each other when one of you is unwell is just the sweetest thing. People are at their worst and most cranky when they are unwell, and if you have a partner who will babysit you during this phase, you both are very lucky.

11. #FuturePlans

Being able to discuss your future and making plans for the next few months without wondering “will we still be together” shows how much trust and faith you both have in your relationship.


11 relationship goals to achieve with him

12. #ExcitementNeverDies

No matter how long you both have been dating for, if you both are still excited about seeing each other and look forward to meeting each other, you both are #relationshipgoals.


13. #TwoIsATeam

Try doing some activities together. It could be joining a dance class, working out together or maybe even just cooking together. You both should also help each other get over your fears. If your partner is scared of heights, you both should try some parasailing together! #LoveIsInTheAir

13 relationship goals to achieve with him


14. #LoveYouForever

The ultimate goal for you both should be for your kids to tell you, “Wow mom, dad loves you SO much!”

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31 May 2016
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