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15 Relatable Memes You Need To Share With Your Younger Sister To Make Her LOL

15 Relatable Memes You Need To Share With Your Younger Sister To Make Her LOL

From trolling me to keeping my secrets safe with her, my younger sister is my best friend. I confide in her and we’re thick as thieves. We love to plan our outfits for vacations together, seek fashion advice from each other and share truckloads of gossip. She steals my clothes so often that I have gifted her POPxo’s full range of Haath Mat Lagana Isko products.

Instagram addicts that we are, we love to tag and send each other the most relatable memes we can find online. If you too have a younger sibling meme you have a similar relationship with, we have a bunch of memes that you can share with them and make them laugh. Read on!


1. Why Would You Not?

2. We Are NOT Twins. Period.

3. When They Eat The Chocolate You Hid Somewhere

4. My Cookies Are My Cookies, None Of Her Cookies

5. Water Break During A Fight

6. That’s Right, She’s At Fault, For A Change!

7. Trust Me, Mom, She Ate The Nutella

8. But I Am The Elder One, I Should Get More 

9. If I Run Out Of Battery, How Will I Tag Her In Memes?


10. Look At Me, Vidya!

11. Argh

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LMFAO 😂 #GrowingUpWithSiblings #LeprechaunInTheHood

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12. Pillow Fight Time!

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I always bother my sisters cause im bored lol #siblings #growingupwithsiblings #siblingmemes – M

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13. Partners In Crime

14. Let’s Play UNO?

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Tag a sibling🤣 . . . And follow @maudconvo for more💕

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15. You’re Adopted!

Relatable much?


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23 Apr 2019
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